Friday, July 19, 2013

Things I've cried about this week

Clearly I'm pregnant.

1) I cried because Rob wouldn't give me the computer on Sunday so I could order baby leggings from this co-op I'm part of and I couldn't do it on the ipad.  He gave me the computer and I ordered these and the ones pictured (the pictures are links)

Thanks to the co-op I am paying under $14 for all with shipping.  I didn't really need to get them for baby girl, but I wanted to, and I wanted to get so many more styles as well.

I wish I would have seen these though.  I see amazon carries them, and I have gift cards to amazon so maybe...?

2) I cried because we started getting ants in the kitchen this week and I can't seem to keep them away.  I'm tired of seeing them crawling all over the floor and the counter every time I go into the kitchen.

3) I didn't actually cry over this, but tonight there was a beer tent for our local town celebration and I dropped Rob off and it was crazy crazy busy.  Like there must have been hundreds and hundreds of people there.  If there wasn't a cover charge I would have gone just to hang out, but I didn't want to pay the cover (it was $5) because I'm cheap and wouldn't have stayed long at all.   A beer tent when your 29 weeks pregnant.  Not so much fun.

4) I've been close to crying because I can't sleep and I can't get comfortable when I'm sitting (the couch, the floor, etc...)

Yeah, I'm ridiculous sometimes.


  1. Definitely pregnant :-)

    I cried over inability to get the buggy back down once it was up!

  2. When I was pregnant with my first child I remember crying because my husband put on a CARTOON that had a sad part in it--we didn't even get to the sad part, I just remembered there was one and cried until he turned it off!