Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Talking Duke The Puppy App Review

I recently reviewed this free app.  It is available for iphone and android.

I've mentioned before that I work in child care, and being summertime I often hear the phrase "I'm bored."  I don't usually have to limit tv/screen time for the kids, because they are actually pretty good about doing that on their own.

I like finding new apps though that they can enjoy and that will appeal to a variety of ages, so I hoped that this app would be one that they would have fun with. 

I downloaded it to my ipad and decided to check it out.  As soon as it downloaded and opened I knew it would be a hit with at least one of the kids. 

You can interact with the dog and have him do things such as dance, play with a ball, use the bathroom, and other animations.

Here are some screen shots I took to show different animations.

To unlock some other animations there are short (10 seconds) promo videos for other apps that you watch.

You can make movies using the different animations and then you can email them, upload them to youtube (where you can also view other's) share them on facebook or just save them.

I knew that the 7 year old would love the game, but I wasn't sure if the 9,10 and 12 year old's would or if they would quickly be bored.

The 7 year old was out playing with her friends when I decided to let the other kids check it out.  She did briefly stop in and loved it, just like I thought she would. Even before she came back the other kids said that she would like it (and I hadn't even said that I thought the same).

The 3 older kids playing. 

They found it fun and liked making the videos.  I knew they would find the bathroom animation to be their favorite (they are at that age I suppose).

You can download the game for free through the app store or google play. 

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