Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekly Wrap up

1) I started this week of with a win.  I won a set of daddy scrubs.  I'm not sure if Rob will actually wear them or not; I think he will wear the pants at least though.   I've been seeing them on various blogs for a while and thought they were kind of fun.

2) One of my goals for July is to get the garage cleaned out enough to fit both cars in there.  We worked on it on Sunday and  made some progress, but there are a few big items that we need to do something about.  Rob has a snowmobile that he hasn't used in like 5 years.  I think it might still need to be fixed or something.  I don't really care if he keeps it or sells it.  I just want to park and not have to clean off my car in the winter.  In the summer it doesn't matter, but I let Rob park in it more because he has to leave for work earlier than I leave.

3) I also won a $25 gift card from crowdtap, a glow bug diaper & some sunscreen this week.

4) My grandma's husband is not doing very well at all.  He's home on hospice.  Even though they were married before my parents and he was the only grandpa I had on that side (my mom's dad died when she was a teenage), I never refer to him as grandpa.  Always by his first name.  And honestly I don't know if all that well.  He has always had health issues and as a result tends to stay home a lot.  But he's a really nice guy and it makes me really sad for my grandma.

5) And speaking of grandma's, my dad's mom isn't doing so well either.  She is almost 93 and has been on the decline recently.  She's can no longer take care of herself and is losing her memory.  Last month she asked me who my parent's were.  It was the first time I had an experience like that with her and it mad me feel sad.  This is the grandma that we got Eleanor's name from.

6) I made s'mores cookies this week.  Um... they were amazing!  I know the picture doesn't look pretty, but they tasted great.  They were so easy to make.  Take a graham cracker half, add the chocolate and marshmallow (I used mini because that is what I had), just like you would a regular s'more and top with chocolate chip cookie dough.  I bought the pre-made stuff and baked according to the directions on the package.  They were a hit.

7)  We spent the fourth at Rob's grandparent's cottage.  It was a quiet year up there.  Usually there is a lot more people hanging around.  We went into the local town and visited the carnival and got elephant ears, and played bingo (yes we are lame, but it's cheap entertainment).   Then we went back to the cottage and sat out on the pontoon and watched the fireworks from town.  For a really small town they do a great job with them. 

Also 3 years ago Rob proposed on that boat just as the fireworks were starting.  I wrote about it yesterday and you can read about it here

8) Later we (or me, Rob already left) are going over to my sisters in laws and spending the afternoon there.  My brother in law bought a ton of fireworks and Rob is going to help him light them off.  

9) I got a hair cut this week.  It hasn't been cut since just before Easter and it needed it.  I had my sister's sister in law do it (also Rob's boss's wife; the ones we went to dinner with last weekend).  It's shorter than it's been in a really long time and it is layered now.  But my one requirement was being able to pull it back in a pony tail so I'm happy.

9) While I was there it started to rain unexpectedly.  My windows were down.  My seat was soaked.  It was a really wet ride home.  In jean shorts.  I felt like I peed myself.  

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

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