Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mallory: ~25 weeks~

Let's start here because night time sleep has been good.   On Monday night I put her in the crib for the first time.  My room get's so hot and she has a ceiling fan in hers.  I nursed her to sleep like usual, cuddled her for a bit, and then laid her in the crib.  She stayed sleeping and slept for 7 1/2 hours!!!  I was up every hour checking on her but whoa!

Then the next night she made it 30 minutes, but the next few nights were pretty good as well.

She has woken up around 5:30 all week though, so I should be getting to bed since I've been up since then, but I'm going to enjoy the quiet for a moment.

Nap times are terrible still.  I resorted to a car nap Tuesday, which also put Eleanor to sleep.

Nursing sessions are getting stretched out a little.

She had carrots last week, and peas,  and then carrot and peas mixed together (gotta start slow).  Tonight I gave her half a mum mum because I was trying to finish dinner (she was right next to me and I was watching) but she did fine and loved it!

She gave her first real laugh last night.  Like a giggle.  I melted, pulled out the phone and made Eleanor do what she was doing again to get Mallory to laugh.  How sweet is it that it was Eleanor that made her laugh first?  I mean I would have loved that honor, but I love that it was Eleanor because I love their bond.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

24 weeks ~Mallory~

Over the weekend she did pretty well at night. Saturday we were at my parents cabin and she went right to sleep.  The first time and didn't wake back up.  I was shocked!

Then she had a few rough nights.  Wednesday she took hours to get down at night, woke up a few hours later to nurse, then again a few hours later.  I was dragging yesterday.

BUT she took a nap that lasted OVER 3 1/2 hours.

We gave her carrots (pureed) this week and she loved it.  We waited until exactly 6 months with Eleanor, but I decided to do it earlier with Mallory.  She cried when I would take the spoon away.

I have let her lick a strawberry, banana and a piece of watermelon before though.

I got a lot of comments over the weekend about how she's a mama's girl and it's true.  I love it, yet would love if she would let someone else comfort her.  It makes it hard for me to leave because I worry.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Mallory ~23 weeks~

After I particularly frustrating night where I attempted several times to get her down and spent several hours doing so, I ranted on fb for support.  My kid at least isn't the only horrible sleeper.

The next night it still took a few hours and a few tries but she settled down much better in between.  It made a difference in my sanity and she was asleep by 11.  Which for her is good.

Naps are a little better too.  

I think we may start solids soon.   Like this weekend.  She's so interested and while I wanted to get to six months I don't know.  I'll start with purees and then go to real food after.  

Nursing has been stretching out too.  It seems like it anyway.

She's a baby on the go.  See here

Saturday, June 25, 2016

22 Weeks ~Mallory~

She started rolling belly to back this week.

She was sick on Saturday.  Lots of loose diapers, and she puked on me.  She slept a lot but was feeling better the next day.

Naps are better.  Sunday was bad because she didn't sleep, but slowly it's getting better.


No solids although I let her lick a strawberry and a banana and she seemed to like them.

She's actually been nursing a lot less this week.  She just wouldn't latch on or would only nurse for a minute and then be done.  Super frustrating, especially when we were at the zoo yesterday and she was cranky and I just wanted her to nurse.  I don't mind public nursing but don't really love that whole pre-latch where I'm just exposed to the world. 

The girls with their papa. 
sick baby girl

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 Months ~Mallory~

She's gotten better at naps.  It's still rough and some days she won't nap, but there have been some days where she has napped so long I've been worried something is wrong with her. lol.

Still no solids.  I did let her lick a strawberry and she enjoyed that.  I'm not to worried about it since she nurses. ut

She has been having more poops the last few weeks.  Before she was maybe once or twice a week- which is totally fine still - but now it's at least once a day.

She's rolling back to belly (I think she may have been doing this last month) and has gone belly to back just a few times. I think it's her head that kind of propels her over.

She's not giving belly laughs yet.  She might give a few single giggles but I want the belly laughs.  I hate to compare kids but Eleanor was doing it at 3 1/2 months.  I'm not worried but I love those laughs.

She's pretty smiley and a mama's girl for sure.  She adores her big sister and I'm pretty sure she's attempted to say Eleanor. But I also think she's said hi before.
I attempted to measure Mallory today and by my measurements she has grown 2 inches in just under a month.   She was sleeping on the floor so it's not like I was measuring a wiggling baby but that seems a lot.  So she's a little under 26" and about 14 1/2 lbs.

She's in size 2 disposable and starting to fit into more of the one size diapers (which means I need to buy more since she shares with Eleanor!)  Clothes are generally in the 3-6 month range with a few maybe in the 6-9 month.

She's still in the rock n play at night.  I moved Eleanor out at 5 months but am not ready to move Mallory.  I didn't even want to move Eleanor when I did so who knows when I'll move Mallory.  When it's no longer safe for her to be in there?  Probably should do it before that though. Maybe I'll move her to the pack n play.  I hate the idea of her being so far away.  Far as in across the hall (over memorial day weekend we stayed in a camper one night and I hated even having her at the foot of the bed.  I need her right by my side. 

She's my sweet baby girl and I am amazed she's already 5 months. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

21 Weeks ~Mallory~

On Sunday she fell asleep as we got in the car after church.  I transferred her to the crib and she slept for 2 1/2 more hours

On Monday she fell asleep in the stroller at the museum. She stirred when I buckled her and put her in the car, stirred at the drive through and then I transferred her and she slept a few more hours.

Tuesday she fell asleep nursing and then I transferred her and she slept for a few hours.

So basically if I can get her to fall asleep and transfer her to the crib sucessfully then she will 'probably' nap okay.

But night times are bad.  It takes hours to settle her down.  She wakes up 3-4 times before finally settling down.  I'm thinking of trying the crib at night. Not that I want to.  But it's so frustrating.  The other night I had to walk out of the house at midnight because I was at my breaking point and was crying.  Nothing was settling her down.  I know she was just overtired but I don't know how to fix it.

Going well.  For the most part I'm fine with being in public without a cover.  There are a few exceptions but generally I will do it.  It's not in a look at me look at me way, but it a it's summer and my baby doesn't need a cover on kind of way.

She's rolling and scooting all over.  I leave her in one spot and next time I check she's in a totally new spot.

Super drooly.

I'd left her on the blanket