Friday, October 21, 2016

~39 weeks~ Mallory

Slightly better at night, but for some reason she thinks she only needs one nap a day.

Mashed potatoes were new and a hit!

Yummy tacos!


Been a pretty big week in terms of new things she can do.

Waving (and saying-or attempting to) hi and bye.

She's gotten up on all fours a few times but then just flops back down.

We were about to have a snack and I was putting hand sanitizer on Eleanor's hands and Mallory totally reached out her hands as well.

So she figured out how to stand up in her crib yesterday.  So dang proud of herself.  Luckily I was in there with her.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Mallory ~38 weeks~

Eating:  I'm not sure if she has tried any new foods this week, but she hasn't been nursing as much  I'm worried my supply will drop and that I've been feeding her to much real food so she doesn't want breast milk.

Misc: Learned about peek a boo this week.  Super cute!

Pulled her self up on a stool from a sitting position.  I looked down and she was standing/leaning on it.

Starting to mimic sounds.  Hilariously cute!

9-6 one night.  She's been hanging out in my bed a lot this last week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

37 weeks ~Mallory~

Food: Tater tots.

She isn't nursing as much it seems, and sometimes I wonder if I am feeding her to much real food and that's why  The girl really loves her food.

Sleep:  Naps are bad.  Like she'll go 8 hours without a nap, but she has been going down better at night. Some nights there aren't even any wake ups at all although it takes a while still to get her to settle down.

Misc: I don't know.  I think there may be another tooth coming in, but I always think that since it's been a few months since she got the first two.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mallory: 36 Weeks

Food: Hot dog (cut into teeny tiny pieces), chili, chicken fajitas

Sleep:  We had a few nights where I was ready to bang my head on the wall.  Like how is she not tired she's be up for hours and hours kind of thing. 

Misc: She is such a hilarious girl this week.  The goofy toothy grins kill me! 

8 months: Mallory

Size 2 diapers are starting to get snug.  I'll use what we have and then probably move into the threes. 
Cloth are a little harder to gauge size but I still have her snapped on the smallest rise.

Mallory is outgrowing her six month pants, but the next size is a little to big. Six month onesies are find and almost stretched out thanks to cloth diapers. 

She loves food.  Raspberries are her favorite.  Also apples, crackers, strawberries, noodles, cheerios,  french fries, rolls, and mum mums.

She sits up very well now.

Still has the two bottom teeth.

Says "mama" and "hi"

Sleep is slowly getting better but we still have rough nights.  Thankfully it's not every single night that she takes hours to settle down. Only 4-5 nights a week.  She is still up usually once a night and up at 5:30 every. single. morning.  I can usually nurse her and get an extra 45 minutes if I'm lucky.

She loves the Sophie giraffe toy, the chatter telephone and rolling under the play center.

Friday, September 23, 2016

35 weeks ~Mallory~

Sleep:  We are sill struggling at night getting her to sleep (and be we I mean me because Rob crashes in Eleanor's bed with her almost every single night).

And as if spending hours every night wasn't enough, she's up around 5:30 every single morning (plus a wakeup around 3ish).   I can nurse her and lay her in bed with me and she might give me another 45 minutes.

Oh and she only napped in short spurts for the majority of the week.  I'm so tired.

But Tuesday night she went to bed on the first attempt and slept for several hours, and although Wednesday night after finally getting her to bed she slept until 5:30 in her bed.

We did spend on night in a hotel and she spent that night in bed with me.

Apples were new I think.
I'm not sure if she's had pizza before but she enjoyed gnawing on a crust.
Ritz style crackers.
Frozen waffles

She is making the best expressions lately.  I'm constantly cracking up!
I went to the grocery store on Sunday.  I fed her and she fell asleep and I left.  She slept most of the time and did okay with Rob while I was gone.  Then Monday I had to go get a tooth fixed and my mother in law watched her and she did okay then too!