Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March Goal Update

Debt: So we did pay off some, but it was paid off this week (April), so we actually didn't pay any off in March.  I'll update it next month. 

Books:   I read two books this month.  Both have some romance, but weren't to raunchy.   Swept Away I read in a day, the other took a week or so, but it was an audio book. 

Big Mac Sliders:  I'm not sure I've ever actually had a big mac, but these sliders were amazing!  I used this recipe and I ate at least half of them.  I will absolutely make them again.  I didn't have the dill relish it called for, but I had sweet relish and dill oil so I made it work. 

Potato Skins. I made potato skins for the first time.  I ate them all, but they were a lot of work.  I don't think I baked the potatoes long enough, and then didn't crisp them enough.  I may or may not make them again.

Bible: Still right on track with getting through the Bible this year.   I struggled a lot because some of what I've been working through was so legalistic and rules and details and it was hard to focus on. 

Sweets: This is probably going to be my hardest goal to work on.  I eat all the sweets all the time. I had given up chocolate for lent, but then ate lots of jelly beans and ice cream so...

Date:  I kept bugging Rob about a date, but it didn't happen this month because by the end of the month sickness ran through the house.  We did go out with my sister and her husband so we sort of had a date.  We still had fun, but it wasn't the solo time I wanted.  Hoping for something fun for our anniversary.

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