Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Top Ten of 2017

In no paticular order here are some of my favorite moments of 2017

1) Mallorys birthday was a fun time celebrating my baby turning one.

2) Mallory seeing Lake Michigan and enjoying it.

3) Taking the girls to the beach in September and having it almost to ourselves

4) Every time Mallory wakes up from naps and gives Eleanor a big hug I just melt. 

5) In February I went to Nashville to meet up with some of my mom friends from around the country.  I'd been chatting with these women for 4 years at that point so it was great to finally meet.

5) Our 6th anniversary.  We tried a new restaurant and I wanted to take a walk down by the river but it was so windy we kept getting belted with sand and dirt ruining that plan.

7) Great Wolf Lodge.  We ended up going twice and Eleanor loved it so much she still talks about it. 
8) Eleanor starting school

9) In April I took the girls to a baseball game by myself.  I missed most of the few innings we made it through, but Eleanor got choosen to go out on the field and say 'play ball'. 

10) This isn't a good moment necessarily but it stands out.  Around Halloween both girls got sick.  Eleanor had croup first, then Mallory got it and on Halloween she had temps of almost 104, and it lingered for nearly a week. It wasn't a fun time, and I didn't sleep much, but they recovered.

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