Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Growing Girls

My kids are growing up. I know that's a duh statement but really they are.

Mallory is this talkative, ambitious, determined little toddler. We are still slightly locked in to that afternoon nap limiting flexibility but it's not a cycle of eat sleep play repeat anymore. I'm probably going to beginning the weaning process this fall.

That alone is a shot in the heart. I'm not one of those nurse forever girls but that's fine if you are. I nursed Eleanor until 22 months.

Maybe it's me clinging to those last moments of it being the one thing only I can do for her. Not to say that it's just for me because nursing in the second year still has her reaping lots of benefits. 

Then there is Eleanor. She's my thoughtful, generous, clever, silly girl with a occasional streak of sass. She constantly makes me laugh but also makes me take a pause in the business of life when she asks for mama snuggles. I tell her she's never allowed to grow up and when she says she has to I make her promise to always give me hugs and kisses. Even when she's a teenager. Especially when she's a teenage but that's a post for another time because slow time time.

She's starting preschool next month. 3 days a week for 3 Hours. I'm dreading the constant running around and loss of freedom but mostly knowing that our time is coming to an end. For nearly four years it's just been us (aside from Mallory joining obviously) every day and now I have to share her and send her into the world and hope she thrives. 

Everyday I feel like I take to many pictures and videos on my phone but I need to have something to look back on.  Moments are fleeting and my memory will fade but those pictures and videos will capture that time in life when my girls weren't all the way grown up. 

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