Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Round 2: 13 weeks

In case you missed the announcement on facebook or instagram baby number 2 is coming next year!

How far along:  13 weeks

Baby Size:  A scoop of ice cream or a peach

Weight:  119.4  (I'm up between 2 and 4 pounds depending on when I weigh myself.

Still nauseous at times, although it's better.  Sleep is waking up every single hour and using the bathroom 10 times before falling asleep.   

Maternity Clothes:  I pulled out some of my summer stuff.  Not because I really 'need' it but my non maternity shorts are getting snug and I don't want to buy more.

Sleep:  Up every hour at night.  This is an improvement from waking up every half an hour though.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Meat generally is a no go (especially chicken).  Having issues with dairy.

Belly Button:  In

Rings on or off: On, but I usually don't wear them since I'm mostly home.

Gender:  I had a dream the other night that it was a girl.  When I picture this baby I see a girl, but sometimes I have boy vibes.

Name:  We are stuck on a girl name.  There is one we kind of agree on but it has a meaning that I don't love.  I don't necessarily care about meanings, but I don't want a daughter to have a bad meaning.

Movement: No and I didn't feel Eleanor until 18 weeks so I don't expect anything for a few months. 

Stretch Marks: Yes, but nothing that wasn't already there

Best moment:  This was a good week!  I had the NT scan on Friday and while they couldn't get the measurements they needed because the baby had it's chin down I got to see baby and it was bouncing all over.  I loved it!

Then I called my best fiend Friday to tell her and she was so excited.  She was one of the people I was most excited to tell.  

Monday night I shared on facebook so now it's official.  I shared this picture with the caption 'Just reading a bedtime story'

Looking forward to:  Feeling the baby move, nausea being gone

Nervous about: I'm nervous before every appointment paranoid that something will be wrong.  I'm nervous about having 2 kids and then going back to work and having 3 little ones under 3.

What I miss:  I was noticing last night that bending over is already uncomfortable

Labor signs:  Nope

Appointments:  Next Thursday (the 6th) is just a prenatal appointment, and September 11th is the anatomy scan.  

Misc.  Just excited to finally be public and not feel like I'm keeping a secret. 

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