Tuesday, June 10, 2014

8 month favorites

1) I bought this at a garage sale when I was still pregnant (it is missing the mat however).  For a while she loved just playing with the shapes, and while she can't get them into the correct spots, she can pull them out of the open side. It makes music and talks as well.

2)  This was another garage sale buy and while she still can't figure it out, she likes to pull the pieces out and play with them.  I have this exact one, but there are other options available.  The normal price is usually around $10 (so the link below is way pricey at $35; fyi)

3) JJ Cole 3 Count Bib Set,

Although the bibs in the link below are the boy version, we do have the girl version (the are available at many other stores) and they are my favorite because they wipe clean easily and have a little pocket which catches the crumbs. They are snap bibs and so she can't pull them off. At least not yet anyway.

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