Saturday, June 7, 2014

8 months!

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2/3 of the way to a year.  I can't believe it!

She's gotten so mobile in the last few weeks.  She is all over the place.  It's good and bad.  We are pretty much baby proofed and I keep the bedroom and bathroom doors closed so for the most part I'm not really worried about her getting into anything, and if I walk out of the room she can come after me which helps her. 

She learned this week to pull herself up to sitting.  Still kind of startles me when I look over and see that though.

I noticed this week that she has a few teeth visible under her gum, but they haven't popped through yet. 

She's also extremely vocal.  She makes a lot of different sounds "dada" "eh" "uh" "ahh" "ah buh ba"
She's mostly in cloth diapers now, but disposables are size 3 when she wears them.  With a few exception she's usually in-9 month onesies and shirts and 9-12 month pants. 

She loves taking walks, getting into the laundry when I'm folding it, and her new nickname is princess destruction.

Still breastfeeding - usually every 3 hours, but sometimes more/sometimes less.  She's usually getting oatmeal in the morning, mixed with breast milk and sometimes a fruit puree.  In the evenings she usually gets a veggie puree or pieces of whatever we are eating.  She loves toast ( I put hummus or cream cheese on it)!  I think that is a favorite.  I'm still pretty low key about her eating solids.

She's starting to take one good (hour to two hour) nap a day, and a few catnaps, but I'll take what I can get. 

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