Monday, June 2, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 34 weeks

The latch issues got a little better.  There are still nursing sessions everyday that are painful but it's not every one at least.

I don't think we tried any new foods this week.

Naps are getting a little better.  When she naps in her crib she will get closer to an hour most times.  It's getting her to sleep that's a problem.  Yesterday she was up from around 7am -1:30 (with a 20 minute nap in there) and then she slept for THREE hours.  Unheard of.  But she had been up several times the night before wide awake.

Then last night she went to bed around 9 pm, slept for an hour and was up at 10 pm and didn't go back to sleep until 1:45 pm.  I was about to lose my mind-or get in the car and drive to get her to sleep.  It was horrible.  She would fall asleep nursing, I'd put her in the crib and she would scream.  So I'd put her in bed with me and then she would want to play.  So annoying!  So you would think that she would sleep in at least right?  Nope up at 6:30.  She fell back asleep finally at 11:30 and is sleeping right now (it's 1:30).  But I have to get her up to feed her in a few minutes because we have to go to work.

I noticed yesterday that she is starting to get teeth.  They are still below the gum line but I noticed little bumps there.

Also yesterday she sat up on her own for the first time.  I was sorting clothes and she was playing by me and then I looked over and she was sitting up.  She's been close and I even said to Rob the other day that she would have it down in the next week and she did.  I'm a little sad that she's growing up but I was proud of her. And judging by the picture I took I think she was too!

Trying to get into the container of baby proofing supplies

She loves that ball.  $2 well spent. 
Not a fan of her pool
This chair is a new $2 garage sale find
She get's mistaken for a boy every week. It happened right before I took this picture. 

Visiting the kids I used to watch and all the neighbor kids

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