Monday, April 21, 2014

Tiny Elephant Bowtique Review Plus Giveaway

*I received this headband for review, however all opinions are my own. No other compensation was given.*

Before getting pregnant I used to think that big headbands were silly and then I found out I was pregnant and having a girl and suddenly I wanted all the things!

I wanted headbands and pink and everything girly and often find myself browsing for them online.

During one such browsing session I found one and I knew it would go perfect with a dress Eleanor had.  And then I went to the shop page and found many many more I wanted.  Like almost every single one wanted.  :)  And once I can convince Rob that Eleanor needs these I will be getting her more.

When Ashley, the mom behind Tiny Elephant Bowtique agreed to a review I was excited.

Ashley is the mom to a little girl named Addison who is just a few months older than Eleanor.  She started Tiny Elephant Bowtiques because she also loves headbands and all things girly for her daughter who rarely is without a headband.  Ashley is a second grade teacher who makes the headbands in her free time (although I'm sure that's limited).  

Ashley & Addison

Sweet Addison who was the inspiration!

This headband was made very well.  I know this because I handed it to Eleanor and then tried to grab it back.  When she wants something she has the death grip on it and it becomes a game of tug of war.   Nothing came loose.  This is good because I would have worried about the center gem coming loose and her trying to eat it (I don't let her wear it in the car for this reason though).   The pink flower is made from chiffon which is more of a delicate fabric but held up fine.

Another thing I loved about this headband is that it didn't leave marks on her head when I took it off.  Sometimes this is a problem because Eleanor has a big head (95% at her 6 month appointment!).  The headband had plenty of stretch to it meaning it will fit her for a while.

Eleanor looks absolutely adorable in this headband!  Even Rob thought it was cute.  Actually he said it looked liked candy (the big swirly lollipop kind) but I think that means he liked it.

You can check out all the gorgeous headbands on etsy or can connect on facebook as well.

Ashley was generous enough to even send an extra one to giveaway! The winner will get the one pictured below.  

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  1. This would be for daughter. Her head has also been in the 90-something percentile since her early appointments. :)

    1. Yeah for big head babies! I wound up needing a c-section because Eleanor was stuck. She had a scab on her head when she was born from it. :(

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  2. I would love to win this for my friend's daughter. Her birthday is coming up!

  3. I would love to win this for my one-year-old daughter. With three big brothers, she loves all things girly, and so do I.

    1. It must be so nice to be able to get girl stuff!