Monday, April 14, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 27 weeks

This was a crazy busy week for that sweet girl.

Last Monday Eleanor turned 6 months (read the update post here).  We visited the Fredrick Meijer gardens with my mom, niece, sister, nephew, my sisters sister in law (also Rob's bosses wife) and her 2 kids. Eleanor loved looking around at all the plants and watching the butterflies.

That night we have her solids for the first time (not counting the licks of stuff she's had from our fingers).  She's had carrots, carrot and pea blend as purees, bell peppers and baby carrots in a mesh feeder and oatmeal.

The next day she rolled over from back to belly.  She did it once the week before, but this was several times so I knew she had figured it out.  A few hours later we went to the doctor for her checkup.  She was 17 lbs 7 oz and 26' and her head was in the 95% (umm whoa!).  She also got her shots but she did well with them. 

2 days later I went to the store for a quick trip.  While I was gone she learned how to say 'dada' and has been saying it ever since. 

I know you all are thinking it... :)

We had this crazy freak flash no warning storm come through Saturday afternoon that left us without power until Sunday morning.  So we spent the night at my parents.  It was her first night not at home but she did okay.  

I'm thrilled we made it to 6 months!  I wound up with a bruise on one side, but I nursed her in the cradle most of the weekend because we were gone so she was latching differently.  It's still there but I'm sure it will eventually go away. 

See any of my other updates because I'm always saying the same thing.

I've been reading all sorts of sleep books, and basically she needs a bedtime routine and to be put down drowsy but not asleep.  I have no consistency and she usually nurses to sleep.

Once she is down finally she will usually only wake up once a night.

I've been bed sharing a lot and am trying to break that habit.  Although I sleep better when she is in bed and she does too, I'm worried for when she starts to roll over.

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