Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hey 6 months!

6 months = 26 weeks =182 days.

Yesterday my sweet precious baby girl was half way to a year.

Barney Stinson mind blown

Still breastfeeding!  I still get pain when nursing and sometimes I have to unlatch her and re-latch her, but I was thinking back to the beginning when I would cry and curl my toes when she would latch and we've come a long ways since then.  I'm not at all ready to stop yet.  I love that she's getting the benefits and so am I.

I would like to keep going past a year.  I know it's not the norm at all, and Rob thinks it's weird (but I think a lot of people think that), but my sister will be at a year nursing my nephew next week with no signs of stopping and I think it helps having that example (and I'm super proud of her for getting there- love you Ali!).

I'm pumping once sometimes twice a week (so maybe 6-10 oz) despite the fact that I probably have about a 10 day milk supply.  It's more to keep it fresh, if it makes since.

We started solids last night! We gave her carrots as a puree and she loved it.  We will probably mostly do baby led weaning though.  But that means we need to eat healthier if she is going to eat what we eat.

Seriously all.over.the.place.  One night she would sleep 8 hours in her crib and the next she'd be up every hour.


The night she turned 5 months we put her in her crib for the first time at night.  It was hard for me because I missed her, but it got easier.

Then a week or so later she started waking up all the time and I wound up bed-sharing.  That's something I said I would never do, but she slept better and I actually slept (not better though).

Her naps are actually getting better though.  I put her on her belly for naps and that helps.

Still no schedule.  For us I think rather than set times, such as nap at 9, a better way would be to maybe take a nap 2 hours after waking or something like that.

She usually wakes up at 6:30 am.  This is the one thing that is consistent with her.

We are about to move up to size 3 diapers.  She probably could stay in size 2 (at least the Target brand since they seem longer) but we are about out of size 2 so we will give size 3 a shot.  If they don't work, I'll go back to size 2.

Using cloth more (although with the whole starting solids, I'm nervous about that change since breast milk poop washes out easily) and she's fitting into some of the one size diapers better so we have a lot more options and I'm addicted to fluff again.

For clothes she's mostly in 3-6 month onesies with a few Carters 3 month (which really are 0-3 since they run small).  Pants are 6-9 month and pajamas are 9 months (I can still get her into 6-9 but they are snug).

She had her 6 month appointment this morning.  She was 26" (70%), 17 lbs 7 oz (75%) and her head was at 95% (Whoa!).  Other than the head thing (which the doctor thinks might have been an error-but they didn't remeausre) her growth has been pretty steady.

We've been getting out and walking more, now that the weather is getting better out.  She loves to walk in the big girl stroller because she can check everything out. Before, in her other stroller, it would put her to sleep in minutes, and now she could stay awake 15-20 minutes.

She loves to talk and makes this scrunchy face when she thinks something is funny.

She just just (as in this morning) figured out how to roll back to belly. She did it a few times so I think she's learning.  She did it once last week, but not since - until today.  And actually I've yet to see her do it because she always seems to do it when I look away.

She fake coughs when she wants attention.  Hilarious.

I knew post-partum hair loss was a possibility, but it didn't really happen until this last month.  And I lose a lot.  Every time I shower, brush my hair, take out my pony tail, get in the car, walk down the steps (so basically always) I lose hair.   That plus when Eleanor grabs a fistful and yanks it out of my head.  I'm not sure how I have any left.

This is a completely random and not sure if it's related observation, but before being pregnant if I would lay on my back, and stretch my legs out (like lift and straighten) my hips would kind of pop.  Every time, and on both sides.  I noticed the other day that doesn't happen anymore.

For funsies here is the birth story.

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