Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our day in pictures: Easter edition

Today we celebrated Resurrection Sunday.  Church was packed and I loved it!  I wish it was like that all the time.

Eleanor didn't get much in her Easter basket; some little people eggs and a Bernstein bears Easter book.  As an after thought after buying into mom guilt because I saw all these pictures of baskets on facebook and instagram I added a fisher price play phone (intended for her birthday) but that was it.  

The weather today was gorgeous!  Seriously the best day yet this year.  It was 70* and sunny.  

And now for pictures!

I wore this dress Easter 1987.  I would have kept it on her, but it was a
little big and so I wanted her to wear a different one first.

She actually sat pretty well as I read her this book

My mom, Eleanor and I

Four generations

My grandma and Eleanor

Experiencing grass for the first time

This was actually from yesterday but it counts because it's an Easter shirt.

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