Monday, April 21, 2014

The Eleanor Update: Week 28

She wasn't in a picture taking mood like normal.

She was doing the scrunchy face for a while and then stopped but did it over the weekend.  I love the
scrunch face and missed it.

Now that we've been doing solids she's been pooping more often.  When she was little (littler I should say) she'd only go once a week, but now it's several times a week.

Rob and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary and finally went on our first date since Eleanor was born.  My mom watched Eleanor and while I've been away from her (usually short trips, but my mom and sister have watched her when I've had appointments) it was so so strange that we both were.  I didn't check in, but worried about her because that's what mom's do. She did great and had some fun time with my mom. :)

Yesterday was Easter and Eleanor got to wear a fancy dress and see some of my family she hasn't seen since before Christmas (some of my aunts she hasn't seen since she was just a few weeks old).  I will put a few pictures in this post but for a major Easter photo dump see this post.

She experienced grass for the first time.

We went to a playgroup on Friday and while there were other babies there, they all had older siblings and I was bored.  I expected something a little more structured since the group had a theme, but only the last few minutes (it was an hour and a half) had anything to do with it and it was just 1 song and 1 story.  They also played outside and I wasn't expecting that and thankfully had her a sweatshirt in the car.  I'm not sure I'd go back until she get's bigger, but it was something different and she seemed to like it.

She is sooo loud when she wants to be.  Rob and I can't even have a conversation over her yelling.  It's kind of funny though I guess.

She hasn't been nursing as much.  I know that part of it is probably her getting older and part that she started solids, but I always get paranoid that she's not nursing because she wants to wean.  I really don't want that and am not ready for it.  I know she gives me pain and sometimes I wish that someone else could feed her, but I do love looking down at her or her holding my fingers.  I know that I'm a totally sap!

This last week she's had carrots and peas and mixed veggies as well as oatmeal and a banana apple mix.  We were going to hold off on fruit, but I had some given to us that was getting to the expiration date and so I wanted to try it.

I try to do oatmeal most mornings and a veggie at dinner time.  Usually she only gets an ounce (if that) and most of the time she just kind of spits it out, but on Saturday she had mixed veggies and was eating almost all of it.

I go back and forth on doing baby led weaning  I want to do it, but Rob feels more comfortable with purees.

If I say it's been a rough week is that enough? I've tried to be more consistent but honestly I'm just really stressed out.  Friday night she would not go to sleep until after 10 pm and then when she was finally asleep it didn't last to long.  She was up once around 2 am (slept on my chest) and then was up for the day at 4:30 am.  I'd tried to feed her to get her back to sleep and that didn't work.  Then she had a poop a 5 am so I changed that, fed her again and she was not wanting to sleep.  Finally at a little before 6 I woke Rob up to take her.  I usually never do that, but I was starting to feel the frustration building that 4 hours a sleep will lead to. I wound up only getting an hour and a half or so of sleep more, but it helped.

Last night I nursed her, put her in her crib asleep and then 10 minutes later she woke up.  I knew she wasn't hungry or wet so Rob went in and she normally just cried until I get her, but she let him comfort her and then she fell back asleep and slept 7 hours almost.  I fed her and she slept a few more.  I kept her in her crib and she did okay, but I kind of missed having her in bed with me. 


She got that sock

So I did this post differently and put pictures throughout it instead of all at the end.  Keep it this way or go back to the old way?

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