Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Five 11/2

1) I found this movie on crackle last weekend. --------------------------------->
I used to watch it all the time, but hadn't seen it years.  I wanted to watch it as soon as I found it, but Rob wasn't so into it.  So I had to wait until he went hunting, but I think it might be going on my Christmas list..
2) I have the lamest post titles.  I'm so uncreative.
3) I really missed my old work kiddos and I was babysitting in the neighborhood on Tuesday so I stopped by to see them.  It had been a month and a half since I saw them and I usually saw them 4 times a week, so I really missed them. It was great to surprise them.  Then on Halloween they surprise me and came to my house.  They live 20 minutes away and only came to my house,  I don't think they can know how much that meant to me.
Speaking on Halloween here's a cute trick or treater story.  This little boy,  probably around 4 came to the door and I gave him a handful of suckers, maybe 3 or 4. As he turned back around I heard him say "she sure gave me lots of suckers" to his parents.  It was adorable!
4) I got to see my sweet niece Libby again today.  I haven't seen her in three weeks.  She was more alert today and was as adorable as she has always been.
5) I had a little sad moment today.  It wasn't really from seeing Libby but I was with my sister and we went to the mall first and she wanted to go to motherhood maternity and I didn't go to another store because I honestly didn't  think about it.  And that alone could have been okay, but I swear all she talks about is baby related, at least 90%.  I can understand that she is just excited, and maybe I will be the same way, but I wouldn't go on and on in front of someone who has had recent losses.

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