Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Four 11/30

1) My best friend was here over thanksgiving and while I didn't get to spend a ton of time with her, it was nice.  She usually visits in the summer and then at Thanksgiving.  I'd visit her (she lives in Minneapolis) and I did summer of 2011, but honestly it's much easier for her to come here.  She knows so many people here that it makes more sense for her to come here.
2) Funny story from work this week.  Addie is 3 and Troy is almost 8 months.  Troy is getting pretty mobile now.  He does the army crawl and is really close to actually crawling.  So he was crawling around the floor and grabbed Addie's foot.  She got mad and told me to make him apologize to me.  "Addie he can't talk, he's a baby"  "He can't?"  She seemed confused and honestly surprised that he couldn't talk.  Oh Addie.
3) We had dinner with Rob's grandparent's this week.  My sister (who used to clean for us) also cleaned for them.  His grandma is really excited my sister is pregnant and pretty much since we have been married has been asking when we are going to have kids. So I ordered a glass of wine on purpose and as soon as I did she went 'Oh so I guess this means your not pregnant.' haha.
4) I took Rob on a surprise date tonight.  I told him yesterday I wanted to take him somewhere, but didn't tell him where.  I did tell him before we left the house because he didn't want to be surprised.  We went to a newer brewery in the area.  It was fun, but really busy and I hate standing awkwardly around in the middle of the room.  Rob did see a table open up and he was like 'go go, it's open.'  It's a good thing because other people were eyeing it.

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