Thursday, November 22, 2012

And I'm on cycle 5 now.

I'm not really surprised and this may be the only cycle I say this but I am kind of thankful for it.  Like I said in this post I'm okay with it.

Today did suck a little and I had a mini meltdown at home between being at my aunts and Rob's mom. I knew that the conversation would turn to Ali's pregnancy and I knew it would sting and it did.

I did learn that my aunt charted to get pregnant with her first (and I assume my other cousins).  My cousin is in her late 30's.   I didn't say anything, but found that very interesting.  I knew that she had a pregnancy loss after her first but I didn't realize she was 23 weeks along when it happened.  She said had a tough time getting pregnant with all of her kids (she has 3 biological; 2 adopted) and it was kind of nice to hear her talk about it.  I don't mean that it was nice that she struggled, but that she actually talked about it.

When we first started trying I always thought I would have a September baby because September is such a crazy month with birthdays so why wouldn't there be another one?   I actually share a birthday with my dad (ours is the 17th; I was born on his 30th birthday; 5 weeks early.  I also know 4 other people with the same birthday).  My sister's is on the 1st.  Her sister in law's in at the beginning of September.  Rob's sister is the 13th.  My grandma's is the 22nd.  And how cool would it be to have share a birthday with my dad AND my child?   We shall see if the timing works out.

I am glad to be able to stop with the progesterone.  I know I said I would take it until I got my period but I didn't take it last night.  I knew I was out.  I still hadn't gotten my period this morning so I dipped a wondfo and then wiped and the tp was pink, so I pretty much just wasted a test.  Good thing they are cheap tests.

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