Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Doctors appointment

So I went and met with a Ob/gyn today, and I think it went well.
I found the building and parked no problem but finding the office was a little tougher.  The entrance was on level one so I assumed that meant the bottom.  Right?  No, it wasn't. So after walking down the stairs in the ramp and seeing the numbers go up, I just used the elevator to get to level 1.  Then when I got in the building I was a little confused, and went up the stairwell because I knew it was on the third floor.  Then there were random sitting areas and several offices, but I found the one I wanted and it was easy from there.
I liked the dr. and felt like I have a plan going forward.  I had brought my last few charts and he looked at them and actually knew what he was looking at.  I was happy with that.  He thinks that there may be an issue with my lp, which I kind of wondered about, but said progesterone will help with that so after I confirm ovulation to start taking 100mg vaginally (I'm sure y'all wanted to know that.  I can see the jokes from dh when I tell him).  I asked if I should wait a cycle or keep going, and he said because they were early losses that I don't have to wait.
So I think I want to try this cycle.  I know Rob will be happy.  He never wanted to take a break, and not that I really did, but I was thinking it more for mental health reasons.  I feel better with a plan of action.  The doctor said to take the progesterone after ovulation for 12 days and if I do get a positive test to call right away to come in and have my levels checked. They don't check them usually unless you are pregnant.  If I am not pregnant than I just stop taking it.  If I do get pregnant and have another loss they may do genetic testing.
So anyway, I feel pretty good about how things went.  Yeah!

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  1. I am glad you appt went well! That is great news.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award here.