Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Four 11/9

*I couldn't think of  five things this week*

1) I had the last week off work, because the family I work for was on vacation.  I did nothing the whole week.  I got nothing done and just sat at home on the computer and watched tv.  I watched all of season 3 of glee, I watched all the episodes of 'Traffic Light' on netflix and started watching Hart of Dixie.

These next few are baby related moments of this week.  
2) I told my sister in law (Rob's sister) on Monday when they came over for a birthday dinner for father in law.  She was super awesome and I'm glad I told her.  I love my sister, but I feel like she isn't as sensitive to the fact I've lost 2 babies and talks about her pregnancy all the time, but I'm getting closer to the point that it doesn't sting so much. And like I've said before I would never tell her that, because than she would never tell me anything.  So besides my sister and her husband and Rob's sister and her husband (I told her she could tell him) no other family/friends now.
I will probably tell my best friend when she visits over thanksgiving.  I didn't want to tell her that over the phone, although I did tell my sister through text.
3)My sister was telling me she had a dream this week in which we announced that I was pregnant at her baby shower.  She's almost 16 weeks (which is crazy, she finds out in 3 1/2 weeks what the sex of the baby is; I say I'm getting a nephew).  I guess it's possible that something like could happen.  Showers usually happen around 28-34 weeks right?
4) This may sound silly, but until this week I had never thought of my losses in terms of a son or daughter.  Thinking it that way made me sad.  Those were my daughters or sons or both.  It's strange to think they were my kids.  I guess while I thought of them as my babies that was it.  Thinking of them any other way makes it seem more real for sure.  Does any of that make sense?

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  1. Sending cyber hugs your way. I'm so sorry for the losses you've had and I am praying for God's peace around you. You and your husband are adorable and I pray blessings for your marriage. :O)