Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So I am now the mom to a one year old.  

I've started stretching her feedings into the four hour range.  We nurse when she wakes up, before nap (morning and afternoon), before bed and usually two other times (some point after her naps).  So generally about six times a day.

I have gotten better about giving her more solids but sometimes she sleeps at 'meal times' so she get's a snack when she wakes up instead.  She loves rice, shredded chicken, pasta, cheese, puffs, watermelon, french fries, veggie straws, green beans and carrots. 

She has her check up next week and I'm probably going to give her peanut butter right before her appointment (I'll probably sit in the parking lot and give it to her) so if there is a reaction I'm prepared.  We don't have a family history, but I'm just being safe.

I also will probably slowly start mixing in whole milk with breast milk.  But I have a lot of frozen breast milk (and I've only pumped a couple times since July) so I might end up donating some of that. 

She's got 4 teeth.

She can say "mama" "dada" "uh-oh" "thank you" and "hi"  for sure. 

She can take a few steps, usually two to three, but I did see her take seven.  She also can stand unassisted for ten to twenty seconds.

She's sleeping through the night more often now (maybe 20% of the time), and doesn't really nurse to sleep (naps and nighttime).  I'll nurse her and then take her to her room and pace with her for a few minutes and she will fall asleep on my shoulder.  I'll transfer her to her crib, she'll almost always wake up, but she usually only cries for a few minutes before falling asleep.  Eventually she'll put herself to sleep right?

She's got some major sassy when she can't do something (like open a lid etc...) and winds up throwing the object.  It's really hard not to laugh at.

She loves her knob puzzles, playing with magnets, opening and closing lids, going for wagon walks and the swing.

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