Friday, October 3, 2014

11 & 12 month Favorites

Ooops!  I just realized that I never did a 11 month favorite list and month 12 is just days away so looks like another combined list over here.

Cozy Coupe
We got this as a hand me down, so it was missing the floorboard, and the door, but she likes to climb into it and play and push it.  I wish it had a door, but they don't sell door replacements (although they do sell the floor part)


Laugh and Learn Play Phone
Okay so this isn't the real phone which she much rather prefers, but it will still keep her happy.  

She loves this little thing (although ours is a different color).  And I like that she plays with trucks too.  She crawls around and plays with it and is starting to figure out that she can pull it back to have it go on it's own.

B Parum Pum Pum Drum
I bought this from a garage sale so it was missing a few pieces but she still really likes it. She likes to play with the drumstick, and shake the tambourine.

Step 2 Water Table

My parents did pick this up at a garage sale so it was missing the toys, but she doesn't care.  I put some bath toys and a measuring cup and she could play for hours.  I wish that they had found it earlier in the summer but we've played with it and made it worth it.

It appears that the company who makes this is out of busniess so you can't buy it.  My dad picked it up at a garage sale and she loves it.  It sits in the living room and it's the first thing she crawls to when we wake up.  

We borrowed this from my niece and nephew and she has a lot of fun with this.  She plays music and opens and closes the computer.

Vtech Walker

The day after realize she could walk when she pushed a diaper box across the floor we borrowed this from my sister in law.  It's helped Eleanor practice a lot.

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