Monday, October 6, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 52 Weeks

This is going to be my last weekly update.  That's going to be weird for me. I've spent almost two years doing pregnancy updates and then updates on Eleanor.  

I gave her a plain waffle and she ate the entire thing one morning.  I get in a rut of just feeding her cheerios so I thought I'd try it and since she liked it I know have something else to try.

She had cake at her party on Saturday (I'll get a birthday recap up later this week), but it was a hit. 

I think I've managed to stretch feedings to the 4 hour mark for the most part.

Wednesday night she slept for 10 hours without waking, was up for 3ish and then slept 2 hours).

Saturday night she slept 9-7, and last night she slept until almost 5 am.  Then she didn't go back down until almost 6:30, but slept in until 9:30 almost.

Sleeping through the night hasn't happened much lately so it was a nice change.

Tooth number four popped through yesterday.

She's talking more- as in I can understand and pick out words more.  Sometimes I think I hear words and phrases and think that's just me thinking she's a genius but then others hear it and I'm even more sure she is.  My mom heard her say 'thank you' at the same time I did.

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