Monday, March 24, 2014

The Eleanor Update: Week 24


Hit or miss.  There were a couple nights where she wound up back in the rock n play, or in bed with me or at one point on my chest. 

Naps were a little better.  Earlier she took a TWO hour nap on her belly (which meant I checked on her like every 2 minutes), but the next day was only a 30 minute belly nap.  

Friday night she did alright.  She nursed for a few minutes around 7:30, fell asleep (which is normal at that time), then woke up about 45 minutes later (normal), but instead of keeping her up like usual. I feed her again and she went back to sleep and slept for another hour or so.   Then she woke up, and I comforted her by swaying with her for a few minutes until she fell back asleep.  She slept until about 1 am, and then ate and slept until 6:30.  I would have been happy with that, since she just was chatting away in her crib in a good mood, but after I got her and feed her she fell back asleep.  I put her in bed with me and she slept about 45 more minutes (so I slept 15 maybe- she's a bit of a bed hog) but I was in a good mood when she woke up because of all that sleep.

Then Saturday I put her down for a nap around 10:30 ( about 2 1/2 hours after waking up) on her belly, she turned herself 180 degrees, and slept over 2 hours! (cue monitor stalking because something must be wrong if she sleeps that long).

Then Saturday night she was back to her old tricks.

I did request a bunch of sleep training/help books from the library so maybe I can find something that will help.

Sunday afternoon she put herself to sleep in less than 2 minutes.  I was impressed, but it's probably a fluke.

She did sleep from about 10:30 pm -5 am so I was happy.

I'm thinking that part of the problem was getting her back up after her 7 pm ish nap.  Keeping her calm and in her room has helped.


On a probably an over share but I'm going to do it anyway note when I was nursing Eleanor yesterday she unlatched herself (she does this often) but for the first time my milk actually squirted out.  Like it got her in the eye and on her face.  I quickly latched her back on and laughed.  Then she did it again, and this time I held up her burp cloth until it stopped a few seconds later.  I thought it was funny.

Also a few weeks ago I shared how I was happy to see this sign (in this post).  Turns out I know the person who came up with the campaign.  It's a friend from church-who actually made Eleanor the camo dress seen in this update-and oh my goodness how little is she there? (Side note: she has an etsy shop and makes some cute diaper covers and baby related things).


I am so ready for winter to be over because this sweet girl loves to take walks in the big stroller and I want to get out and get back into shape a little bit.

If I walked out of her sight, she would cry.  We had a rough day that day.
One of her new outfits
After a 2 hour nap!

Another new outfit
Reading a book with grandpa U.  Love that expression!
Stealing all the balls for the ball popper.

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