Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A day in my life.

Last Friday I decided to track how a typical day goes for me.  Here it is...

(I typed it on the iphone, emailed it to myself, and copied, but can't seem to edit the font below)


12 back to bed after feeding Eleanor 
2 I'm up to use bathroom
3:45 Eleanor is up. I feed her & use bathroom  
4:17 Go back to bed
5:05 Eleanor wakes up for the fourth time. I knows she's not hungry so I bring 
     her into bed with me.  She falls back asleep in my arms, I transfer her to the bed next      to me and eventually I also fall asleep.
6:40 Rob comes in (sleeping in the other room) to get clothes for work and wakes me up
6:41 I use bathroom & get drink
6:43 Try to climb back into bed without waking Ellie.  Success
     I'm on the wrong side of the bed (I like to sleep on my right side, but didn't want to 
     have my back to Eleanor who was in the middle of the bed. When I set her in bed I was on     my left 
side. I have only a sliver of room.
6:45 I get out of bed and try the other side.
     Can't sleep
7:16 Eleanor wakes up and claws at my face; We have morning selfie time 
7:23 Still clawing at my face and now pulling my hair
7:25 Give Eleanor a toy to play with while I check fb on my phone
7:30 Read board books
7:35 Read no cry nap solution to Eleanor. She doesn't like it because it has no 
     pictures. LOL
7:43 Get out of bed, I get socks for me.  
7:45 Realize she's 5 months old today!
7:46 Try to figure out why to dress her in. She has way to many clothes
7:54 Diaper change and finally get her dressed
7:57 Attempt 5 month pics
8:09 Contemplate a big glass of coca cola but settle for water & eat a bowl of 
     cereal in the living room while Eleanor is on the playmay
8:22 Check on Eleanor  because she's rolled out of my sight 
8:27 Step on fish hook on floor.  Have no idea how long it's been there (but at least since 
     summer and how I missed it every other time I've vacuumed. I'm thankful Eleanor didn't 
     find it somehow
8:37 Nurse Eleanor 
8:50 On my way to get Eleanor socks she pokes me in eye.  Stumble to my room and set her on 
     the bed. Spend the next 10 minutes trying to see because my eye is watering.
9:03 Finally get socks for Eleanor
9:09 Set her on the playmat & try to use the computer
9:39 Get Ellie because she's done with it
9:41 Change her diaper and she pees in the 2 seconds it takes to throw it away. Time for an 
     outfit change
9:43 I need to use the bathroom so she sits in the bumbo
9:50 Start the naptime struggle
9:54 In crib I walk out as she's crying
9:58 Check on her & try soothing 
10:04 Still crying, pick her up, move rock n play to her room. Softly talk to her.  Tell her       if she takes a good nap we will take a walk around the neighborhood. 
10:19 She's asleep and I sneak out (shortest nap time struggle in a while)
10:21 Turn on computer; Work on 5 month post 
10:46 Check on her, Make 2 waffles since I don't know when I will eat again and finally 
      finish water
11:06 Hear her crying, I hurry and finish post
11:12 Nurse Ellie 
11:28 She falls asleep on me
11:34 She's up
11:35 Let her play with her balloon but don't let her eat ribbon 
11:47 Get mail
11:50 change her diaper
11:54 put her in play center, change sheets in spare bed
12:08 Finally get me my glass of soda
12:12 Take our walk
12:26 Home
12:40 Share walk pictures on Facebook and Instagram
12:41 Read Eleanor a book 
12:42 Put her in play center and make lunch
12:50 Put her in high chair while I eat
1:13 Nurse Eleanor
1:19 Still nursing and texting my sister
1:20 E wants phone.
1:22 Change Eleanor's diaper and outfit (she spit up)
1:30 Put her on play-mat
Get me new socks (mine had a hole in it)
Get E new socks (her's had spit up on them)
1:37 Start laundry
1:42 Play with Eleanor
Load car and put Eleanor in her car seat.
1:57 leave to get the girls I pick up
2:35 back to their house after first pick up
2:45 nurse
Play with Eleanor
3:20 leave to do the second pickup
Drop off
3:55 Stop at Save a Lot
4:16 Leave Save a lot
Get home
Unload car & try not to wake baby
4:58 Diaper change 
5:03 Nurse, she keeps unlatching 
5:06 Wonder why she doesn't want to nurse
5:21 Listen to 'What does the fox say?'
5:40 Switch laundry I started earlier 
5:43 Make stir fry (and by make I mean open the bag of frozen mix I bought at Save a Lot)
6:29 Play with Eleanor 
6:47 Rob gives Eleanor a bath, and I get laundry and set out her pajamas
7:03 Nurse Eleanor
She falls asleep.  Transfer to crib.  Browse etsy for things I don't need
8:34 She wakes up and nurse her again
8:41 She falls back asleep, but her back in the crib 
Sit on couch and relax.  Finally.  Get all sad that she's in her crib now.
10:27 Get ready for bed
10:43 Lay in bed watching monitor for breathing
10:46 Realize I'll hear her if she cries or the alarm goes off 
11:40 Rob comes to bed, I use the bathroom and go back to bed

So basically I spend a good chunk of the day nursing, and not doing chores.  

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