Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up 8-3

1) I used my Pink Blush credit that I won to get this dress.  I'm hoping it fits and I get it in time for one of my baby showers.  The credit didn't totally cover the cost, but I only spent $17 on it (with shipping) and I spent $15 on my other maternity dresses so I don't think it was that bad.

2) I had a good week of wins, but they were smaller. I won coupons for frozen pizza and frozen pie. I don usually enter food contests unless they are easy entries so I was happy to win. I also won a book (for me) and 2 cloth diaper covers & inserts and some laundry detergent (cloth diaper safe) and bleach. And then I won a $5 amazon gift card from crowd tap (I won $50 to last month from there). Then I won a $25 gift card to a website that sells cloth diapering stuff. 

3) The weather this week has been much cooler.  And while I don't really mind it, it is still summer and I want summer weather. 

4) I'd seen other bloggers posting about the Target toy clearance this week.  I decided to check it out and even headed to a Target I don't shop at because I knew it was bigger and hoped for a better selection.  I got everything pictured for just under $57.  The only thing that wasn't on clearance was the Minnie mouse lunch set (it was $3 in the dollar spot), but I knew it would coordinate with the other Minnie mouse stuff so I got it.  Now I've got Christmas presents for all my nieces and nephews (At Christmas time they will be 8,3 1/2,1 & 8 months) with the exception of a few small items, and a birthday gift for my youngest niece, who will be one in October (side note, I'm so excited for her and this baby to be close in age.  I hope they will be best friends as well as cousins).   I even picked up one of the walker toys for this baby.  Not that it needs to be a Christmas gift because at only a few months I doubt she will care.

5) I also got another prize this week that I won.  I won this wet bag last week and when I got it I was surprised at how huge it was.  It's got to be at least 2 feet long.   

6) So I think it's been a pretty good week of wins and fantastic deals!  I'm ready for a lazy Saturday before things get really busy.  I have 4 baby showers this month (3 on Sunday's and one on a weeknight.  Then we are doing a hospital tour and a infant first aid/cpr class, which takes up a few more weeknights.  I think Rob is having a 'boy shower' which really is an excuse to hang out with friends one Saturday this month, and we have a class reunion another Saturday.  So I'm going to relax when I can. :)

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