Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Thoughts on Brands

Totally a random post tonight about buying generic vs. brand name. This post is in no way sponsored.  I'm just random like that sometimes.

The reason it's on my mind is because I was in the mood for these. 

Problem is I'm cheap and they weren't on sale so I bought these.

I love Meijer's and do most of my grocery shopping there. In fact, I worked there when I was in college for a while. But they just weren't as good. 

So then I got to thinking about other things where the 'name brand' really is better and worth the little extra cost.

My list so far it short. 

Every other crayon seems waxy and doesn't work as well.
Crayola crayon's really are better.

And on the craft/play topic is my other one.

Working with kids I've experienced enough of the cheap version to know that play-doh really is better.  And I might be 27 but I still love opening a brand new can when it's all smooth and nice. 

My mom prefers JIF peanut butter over all other brands.

Do you have any brand preferences?

1 comment:

  1. I used to be a massive brand snob. Toilet paper, paper towel, diapers, soap, shampoo, batteries, and foods. But once I was married and our firstborn had a massive chemical burn from Pampers, we started buying other brands, expensive brands. Then I started buying cheap. When I realized the cheaper (Parents' Choice to be exact...the walmart brand) brand was way better than the Pampers, 7th Generation, Huggies, or Luvs, I started questioning other items. Lol.
    5 years later I finally tried other brands of toilet paper and paper towel. Yes, they aren't as great, but they are significantly cheaper and really not THAT much worse.
    As far as Crayola goes, there is no better crayon. Lol. I got 20+ boxes for free last year of the Rose Art, so I just got them, but I made sure those were for the kids...I had my huge, bend-free, untorn box of Crayola with a built-in sharpener. ;)
    We will only buy Tyson chicken nuggets, when we rarely buy them.
    As for anything else, I guess it's hit or miss. We end up going for whatever is cheaper, but with baby #3 on the way, that's what works for us.