Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 8-10

1) This is kind of a random one, and I'll probably get laughed at, but I was thinking about it this week.  I'm 27,  but up until this pregnancy I couldn't swallow pills.  Not even the itty bitty ones.  I would try to trick my self by putting it in pudding or tried to train myself with candy but nothing worked.  I figured I would just be taking chew able aspirin or liquid medicine the rest of my life. 

Then when I got put on an oral form of progesterone because of low levels (which likely caused me to lose the first two pregnancies) I had to do it.   It wasn't a choice of suffering through pain.  I refused to lose another baby.  And those pills weren't the itty bitty ones.  They were the size of my thumbnail.  The first few weeks I gagged them down, and then it got easier and now I can usually take pills no problem.

Everytime I take one, I feel a little sense of accomplishment.  Lame I know, but I do.

2)  I've been wanting to get out and have more fun dates and do things we haven't done in a while or ever before the baby comes.  I wanted to go to the beach, but the 45 minute drive, plus the sitting in the sand, plus the walk to the bathrooms every 2 hours were going to add up to an uncomfortable afternoon.

So we decided to stick close to home and go mini-golfing.  We had a coupon and it only cost $5 for both of us.  But mini golfing at 31 weeks pregnant isn't the smartest idea because of all the bending over picking up the ball etc...  I was uncomfortable and exhausted by the time we were done.  That aside, it was still fun and I'm glad we did it.  In case you didn't see them on instagram (you can follow me via the camera icon on the right sidebar) here are a few pics.

I look huge here, but I totally aced this obstacle.  Rob was impressed.

Finally got a hole in one on almost the last hole.

3) I had my first baby shower on Sunday.  I forgot my camera and didn't want to hand off my phone to someone who wasn't sure how to use it so I don't have any pictures.  Boo.  It was a small group of family and it was fun.  We got the high chair and the changing table, some bath stuff and a few misc. things.
I have 3 more coming up.  It probably makes me sound spoiled but they are for different groups of people and with the exception of my mom and sister if they come to Rob's family shower the attendees aren't the same so I think it's okay.

4) I know I always talk about the weather, but it warmed back up (low 80's) and I was so grumpy on Wednesday.  I don't know why because those 90 degree days a few weeks ago didn't affect me like this.  I think it must have been the humidity.  I felt really bad for being short tempered with the kids at work.

5) So yesterday we went for ice cream, went to the Library and played the wii.  And I got paid for it.  Love love my job!  I'm so happy that I got to watch them again this summer.  If you didn't know I watched them from the time the youngest was not even one until she went to first grade and was in school full time.  She's going to be a second grader soon.  The oldest was in kindergarten when I started and she's going to be a 7th grader.  Plus they went to the daycare I worked at, which is how I knew them, so really I've known them since before the mom was even pregnant with the youngest.
I guess sun roofs are awesome!  (I only let them stick out
their hands once we were in their neighborhood.
I have to be safe after all)

6)  We visited with our nephew (3 1/2) and niece (10 months) last night and took them to their neighborhood park.  I love watching Rob with them, although I think it's clear I'm going to be the mean mom who always says no, and he's going to be the fun dad.  Maybe it's just that I'm more comfortable in giving discipline (our nephew had a couple of mini-temper moments) or something.  I don't know.  

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