Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me; 8-12

Rob isn't here to participate in this weeks special double answer edition, so I'm going solo today. :)

1. What is your favorite 'G Rated' activity that you like to share with your SO or BFF?
We watch tv more often than anything else.  I guess it could be more than 'G rated' depending on what we watch though.

2. Do you buy summer clothes at the end of season clearance sales?
Yes, for both of us and I will do the same for this baby on the way. 

3. August 13th is national left-handers day.  How many left handed people do you know?
A few.  Both my sister and her husband are left handed; I'm curious to know what my nephew's dominant hand will be.  My paternal grandpa was left-handed as is a friend of mine. 

4. When you go swimming do you: a) jump into the pool; b) gently move into the pool; or c) dive in?
Slowly wade in and then just go for it.   Rob usually just dives in. 

Acting Balanced

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  1. We watch a lot of television, too, but not broadcast TV. We use a Roku and Netflix. Thanks to this, we watch lots of old TV shows, movies, lectures, and documentaries. We've watched so many WWII documentaries lately that if someone were to ask me who the US was fighting right now, I'd probably say Japan. haha