Monday, September 29, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 51 weeks

51!!! That's one week away from 52 (duh) which is one year.  I'm going to end the weekly pictures (which are so tough now) and updates, but I'll probably still do monthly or bi-monthly updates.  I'll do photo dumps often though because I like to show off my baby.  You can always follow me on instagram as well. 

For a while she was saying 'mama' and 'uh-oh' and then kind of stopped for a few weeks, but she's been saying them again.

We went to a family member's wedding on Saturday and she was so good!  It was in the upper level of a barn so she was held the whole time, but between Rob, my sister and my parents she was entertained.  The snacks I packed probably didn't hurt either.

I really have to get better about feeding her more solids.  She still loves to nurse, and so I fall into the its easier to nurse routine, but with her getting older she needs it more. 

It's been better this week. She still is up once a night to nurse but usually she can fall back asleep.

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