Monday, September 22, 2014

The Eleanor update: 50 weeks

Yes, the weeks now start with a 5.  Make it stop!!

I tried this fruit puree mix that I was sent for review.  It was apple and aronia berry.  I'd never even heard of aronia berries, but it was pretty good.

I tried jonamac apples with her but she just decided to shove a bunch of pieces in her mouth and then gag so that didn't work out so well.

So I've maybe mentioned she likes to eat purees with her fingers, but here is a new way of eating them (and she was a mess)

She's developed a bit of a temper when I take something from her.  It's really kind of funny.  Yesterday I let her hold onto the bag with her hairties to keep her entertained while I put her hair in pigtails and then when I took the bag away from her she laid her head down on the floor and cried. 

She's also started to 'talk' on the phone.  See the video below. 

We went to Bronner's for my birthday last week.  It was a fun time, except that Eleanor did not sleep at all.  She was up until 11 and then up every hour until 6 am.  I ended up bed sharing with her for a while, but I slept terribly. 

Part of the reason was she got tooth number three (on the top).  I don't think her bottom teeth were this bad.  Ibuprofen and acetaminophen were lifesavers here.

My great grandma passed away and her funeral was last week.
But she still left a birthday card and money for Ellie. :)

As I mentioned above we had a rough night at the hotel, but thankfully she got back on her normal routine pretty quickly.

That is until last night.  She went to bed like normal but was up at 3.  Not really a big deal, I fed her and figured she'd fall back asleep.  Only she didn't.  She partied until after 5.  I was so frustrated.  I'd fed her, changed her, gotten her asleep only to have her wake up as soon as I laid her down. I'd given Tylenol in case it was teething related.   Finally I nursed her and let her snooze on me and then transferred her and she slept for a few hours.

It wrecked my day because it's now 3pm and I've just gotten dressed, done one small load of laundry and that's about it.

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