Monday, September 15, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 49 weeks

She's been teething so it's been kind of rough some nights.

Also she doesn't really want to nurse to sleep anymore which makes me sad.  She will once and a while but she nurses and then wants me to walk with her until she falls asleep.  

I've been trying to put her down drowsy more often and sometimes it will work. 

She's also pushing nursing to closer to four hours I've noticed.

No new foods this week.

As mentioned above she is getting a tooth in.  I know I blame everything on teething but one day last week she woke up screaming after an hour which is unusual.  Then the next day I said something to Rob about how I thought she was getting a tooth in and later that night I felt her try to bite me when nursing so I knew.  

I'm getting ready to go to my grandmas's funeral so I'm going to leave her with a friend (the one who's youngest son is 2 days younger than Eleanor),  but I'm a little nervous.  I've left her with my parents a few times, my mother in law once, and my sister a few times but that's it.  I trust my friend, and Eleanor knows her and her house, but I'm still nervous.  

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