Monday, September 1, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 47 weeks

My sisters birthday is today thus the onesie choice :)

She tired and liked meatloaf. I bought these Gerber cookies for her to snack on and she liked them.

We bought blackberries and she liked those as well.  She loved the pizza we had and was a little unsure about the cucumbers but didn't like pickles.

She was sick last week but is better now (I however have been dealing with a head cold/allergies/whatever) for almost a week.

She's getting better at standing unassisted.  It's still very sporadic, but she can go maybe 5 seconds.

She's been loving her little ball pit this week.  I set it up earlier this summer but she was kind of whatever about it, but now she climbs in and out of it a lot.

We had a playdate this week.  I met them (the boy is a week younger than Eleanor I think) at the breastfeeding group I went to when she was little.  Then we saw each other at the babywearing group over the summer and upon chatting learned we lived less than 2 miles apart.  It was great to get some adult interaction and since our babies are at the same stage it was good to get them together as well.

For the most part her naps are better, but with the holiday weekend and being out an about her sleep as been seriously disturbed and I am tired.

She's been going to bed later than normal and trying to not nap all day.  I don't know if the nap thing is maybe her transitioning into one nap, but I think she still needs two.

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