Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pretty Nails! ~ Jamberry Nail Review

I'm terrible at keeping my nails pretty and polished.  I own two bottles of nail polish ( I'm pretty sure one should be thrown out, and the other I actually won).  

I've had just a few manicures in my life, one being before our wedding.  On the way out of the salon I chipped my shellac manicure.  And shellac is quite tough.  

So the point of all that is to say that baring special occasion my nails stay unpainted and undone.

But I still like them to look cute so when Nicole asked me if I was interested in trying Jamberry nails I decided it might be a good fit for me. Jamberry nail wraps are available in hundreds of colors and designs and last longer than a traditional manicure or pedicure.

She sent me a mini sheet to try out.   I painted most of my nails with the plan to use the nail wraps as an accent.  I picked the black and white wraps to go with the bright pink nails I had (although that was my only nail color choice...)  

I had a little trouble with the first one.  I'm not sure if I didn't heat it long enough, and then I had a hard time cutting it straight, but it got easier as I did a few more, and I 'think' I could probably master a whole hand now.

Overall I think they are much easier and look sooooo much better that painting my nails.   The next day my nails were already needing a touch up.
My nails are chipping already: 1 day

The thumb nail wrap did fall off after a few days, but that's because I didn't put it on correctly, and now that I know where I went wrong that shouldn't happen again.

After 4 days my nail wrap is looking great, but my
other nails not so much. 

You can check out Nicole's facebook page or her instagram for specials, deals and all sorts of fun ideas.

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