Sunday, September 7, 2014

I have an 11 month old ...

Am I really going to be the mom to a one year old in just a month?

She sleeps through the night about half the time (from 8:30/9 pm ish to anywhere between 6:30-8 am).

She's close to walking.  She can stand unassisted for anywhere between 5-10 seconds.

Finally figured out how to say "mama:.  Also can say "hi" "dada" "bye" "uh oh" and I'm convinced she says other words by repeating us.  We were watching Frozen one night and it sounded like she said Elsa.  I even looked at Rob and asked him if he heard that and he had too.   She's pretty vocal as well. 

She nurses every 3-4 hours during the day.  When she wakes, before morning nap, sometimes after depending on if it was a good nap, before her afternoon nap, once more in the afternoon before bedtime, before bedtime and usually one or two other times.  She is at the point where when she wants to nurse she will try to lift my shirt up of pull it down.  I'm not ready to wean her yet, although in the next few months I'll try to drop a session.  The pre-sleep ones will be the hardest and I don't know how to go out that. 

She loves rice, pasta, blueberries, cheese and is starting to like yogurt.

Eleanor has developed a little sass on her.  She was playing in her ball pit -which is a favorite toy now - with this drumstick toy and I didn't want it in he mouth when she dove out of the pool (Which she does often) so I took it away and moved it out of her range.  Then I walked out of the kitchen, she dove out, crawled to it and brought it back into the pool  She's sneaky and can be a little bit of a wild child. 

Still in the infant car seat although I leave it in my car most of the time anyway.

She's in size 3 diapers (disposable), 6-12 month onesies, 12-18 month pants, 18 month shirts, and I've got 12 month footie pajamas ready to wash because her 9 month ones are really snug.

In short she's still a social happy easy going little girl.

You can always check out any of the weekly updates for more detailed information.

As for me, I'm doing good.  Rob's ready for another baby.  I'm not.  I still haven't gotten my period and even though I know it's possible to get pregnant and never get it I also don't want being pregnant to mess with breastfeeding.

UPDATE: I weighed her on the 8th and she was 20.6 lbs.

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