Friday, September 12, 2014

Kids Academy App Review

I received compensation for this review but all opinions are my own.

Eleanor doesn't really understand the ipad and all it can do for her yet.  She thinks its just a fun place to sit.  I had to make sure it's out of her reach or she will sit on it.  But once and a while I will go through an education app with her and she thinks it's so cool.  I do want to utilize it more as she grows up so given the chance to test out some education apps was a great fit.

Kids Academy is the creator of several educational apps that I recently reviewed.

Kids Puzzle Preschool Math:
This app has you trace numbers and in doing so you 'earn' fireflies with the goal of filling a jar.  It's easy to trace along with and it speaks the number as well as offering affirmation which is encouraging to children.  Even I was all "yeah I did it!"  Okay not really, but I could have been. :)

Learn to Read & Write:
This app has easy mazes, rhyming words and uppercase letter activities.

The Easy mazes start with just a few turns and get more complex by adding more turns and dead ends to challenge the children.

On the rhyming word setting it gives you a maze with several objects/animals and a word and you have to get to the word that rhymes with it.  For example the word was pen and there was a hen and a cat.

Preschool Kindergarten Learning:
This is fun and I like how their is many different levels.  It allows your child to practice fine motor while learning letters and playing fun games.

The only thing that I didn't like is that to access all the features (on all apps) you have to pay for them, however they are great features.

There is a parent area where you can check on your child's progress and I like that feature.

You can download the apps by clicking on the title to be taken to the app store.  To purchase the full versions the cost is between 2.99-9.99

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