Monday, February 10, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 18 weeks

Breastfeeding:  The issues I was having a few weeks ago are better.  And I'm happy that we've made it four months and I have a healthy growing girl.

Sleep:  I've given up on ever getting more than 4 hours a night (for me).  And apparently there is this whole four month wakeful thing.  A lot of ladies on my birth month board talked about this 12 week growth spurt and how it was torture.  I never dealt with that, and even though I wasn't all 'hahaha,' at the time we are dealing with this and it is rough and I can feel total empathy for them.  She wakes up several times in the middle of the night and cries-which is new-and then after I pick her up she is all smiles and wide awake for the next one to two hours.  So it would seem like she would sleep in, but nope.  She's still up by 8 am.

Misc:  She's getting smart.  Sometimes when I'm nursing her, she will pull off and just look up at me.  As soon as I smile at her she grins back at me.  She knows how to play me and as adorable as it is, it's tough at 3 am to not rile her up.

She can sit up now!  Actually she's been doing this for a few weeks.  Sometimes she leans forward but she can go 20 seconds or so without falling over.


Nursing in bed.  I shared this on instagram with the caption 'Breakfast in bed' lol

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