Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Purex Make-A-Wish & Win!

* I received a coupon to purchase a product for review.  All opinions are my own*

I've been a fan of Purex for a long time.  If you look in my laundry room (which I'm hoping you don't because it's in the basement and has been a little neglected; that means some cobwebs are hanging around), you will see many Purex products.  I use the baby detergent for Eleanor's clothes, the free and clear version for ours & dryer sheets for our bedding and towels.  I also have a few other stain fighting products as well.

If you are local to a Meijer store it's on sale this week!

I was given the chance to try the Mountain Breeze scent recently.  Now I mentioned that I normally use the free and clear version so that if I need to I can throw Eleanor's things in with ours, but I do love the smell of a clean batch of laundry.  I know I've also mentioned before that I actually don't mind laundry (dishes are another story).

Clean laundry!

I used this on a load of Rob & I's clothes and it was a nice change to have clothes that smelled fresh and clean. I didn't feel as if it was to over powering as some scents can be.


Purex is teaming up with the Make-A-Wish foundation to help the millions of children who are struggling with life threatening conditions.

For the first four million bottles of 75 oz or larger laundry detergent sold in the month of February Purex will donate .5 cents.  After that they will donate .10 for every bottle.

They are also going to donate .8 cents a for the first 620,000 bottles of fabric softener and then after that increase that to .10


You can enter to win a coupon for your own bottle by clicking here.

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