Monday, February 3, 2014

The Eleanor Update: Week 17

So Rob finally took out the mesh sling in the bathtub.  She slouches a little in it so it's a don't take your eyes off her for a second (not that he would anyway) but she went crazy kicking the water.

We went to my nephew's baby dedication yesterday.  I guess I'm still bummed that no one made it to Eleanor's.  My dad didn't know about it, and he feels bad about it, but for our other family who said they would come and didn't I'm disappointed.  I don't mean that I'm angry and holding onto this grudge, and I've never told them how I feel, because them feeling bad won't change anything, but it was a little sad.  I don't even have pictures of it or anything.

She's become obsessed with the humidifier.  I first thought it was because of the light on it, but even if it's off she sees it and stares at it or goes all crazy and flails her arms and legs.

She was causing me some pain near the end of a nursing session and again only on my bad side-maybe I wrote about this last week?-but it's getting a little better.

I've been trying out a few different positions and that is nice because nursing her in the cradle position in public is much easier than the football, which I usually do at home.

I'm also not using my cover as much.  I didn't use it yesterday in front of my dad and my brother.  I don't care.  Eleanor would let me cover her, but she will grab at the opening and pull it down.  I warned them though and they didn't have to come in the room.  Although since I was doing the cradle it's the most discrete of the positions ( I'm still showing some skin though).

Seriously all over the place.  Last Tuesday she slept from 9 pm-6 am! (The night as told in GIFS). She slept another night this week until 4 am, but last night was up at 2 am  (went to bed about 8:30) and then wide awake at 6 am.
Naps are still 20-30 minutes and I am tired.  It doesn't help that I've never been able to sleep more than 3 hours without having to get up to go to the bathroom (I get a 4 hour stretch a few times a year).

So I'm tired all the time.  Rob says he's tired and I just want to yell this at him.

(I know he works hard at his job to support us.  I'm not really going to say this :) )

Sometimes though and especially this weekend I feel like I'm riding the crazy train because of no sleep.

Rob's going to be gone this weekend and I've already told my mom she can come over and hang out with Eleanor so I can get a nap or a few minutes to myself.

I have very few family shots.  I wanted to have someone take one yesterday first at Gabe's dedication and then at my parents for the super bowl but of course Eleanor is a fussy pants and it doesn't happen (and this seems to be the trend).  I only have few family shots and the last one was before Christmas.

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