Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up~2/15

1) I won $60 in Amazon gift cards for January from crowdtap!  I'm trying to save all my Amazon gift cards for a convertible car seat for when Eleanor outgrows her current infant seat.  I know I'll have enough for one, but I have my eye on one that's a little more expensive so hopefully I will have enough for it.  I also won an amber necklace, but since I already have one for review I'm not sure what I will do with it. 

2) We had a good Valentine's day.  We just hung out at home and made little appetizers instead of a full meal. I actually wasn't sure if we were even going to have dinner when the power went out that afternoon and was out for a few hours.  But thankfully it came on it time.

Rob got me a card and chocolates, and got Eleanor a stuffed animal and a card.  I actually had already had her a card so she got two.  I made him a card and Ellie made him a craft that spelled love (this was the inspiration) and it was sort of a disaster-or at least I thought because it's hard to keep her from making a mess with paint-but Rob thought it was cute.  I had a book for her, but due to shipping delays from a storm in the south it hasn't arrived yet.

My parents got her a card and a fake rose and my flowers.

She even got a special package in the mail from my best friend and a cute outfit (plus I got socks) from the girls I'm watching now.  That girl is spoiled!

3) Last week Rob and my brother in law Jared were gone hunting so I had my sister, nephew and my parents come over for the afternoon and hang out.  It was a nice time and my parents love getting to see the kids.  I made a big pot of veggie soup.

4) Work has been going great.  I'm loving getting out of the house- although stressful at times- and the girls love Eleanor and it's nice to have her be around someone other than me since we are together 99% of the time.

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