Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 10/5

1) Last week when the internet was out I made a craft I had seen on pinterest.  It wasn't perfect; the lid doesn't fit, and some of the bigger headbands are too big, but I think it still turned out.  It cost me nothing, since I had all the materials on hand.  I used scrapbook paper on the lid, and a scrap of fabric to cover the container.

2) Last Saturday I mentioned we were going to go to Artprize.  We didn't go for long, but saw a few pieces.  It's interesting to see what people deem art, because a lot of what I saw I would not say is art. A bridge made out of wood with a car underneath was one example.  The colorful flags in the river wouldn't really be art to me either, but I still thought they were pretty.

This was made out of moss, concrete, grapevines and some other things. 
This entry was a room set up like a nursery, but guns all over.  There was a mobile made out of little pink pistols, wall art using weapons shaped into something else.  It was odd.

3) This week I won a signed book poster; not the prize I was hoping to win.  I also won a copy of this game.  I think my niece will like it.
Lakeshore Learning "Shop to Win" Money Math Board Game Review & Giveaway
Then I won a prize pack from a blog as part of a going green blog hop, but I have no idea what is in that will be a fun surprise when it arrives.

And I also won this which will help organize baby stuff.

4) I got a few prizes I had already won last week.  One was bath wash and shampoo for baby.  I hopefully have enough that I won and was gifted that I won't have to buy any for a long time.  Another was a pack of pampers wipes, and a $50 Babies R Us giftcard.

Over the summer I won something from Keurig, but I didn't know it was a tumbler or k-cups.  I got it and it was a pack of iced tea k-cups.  Only neither of us are iced tea drinkers so I will probably give them away. 

And I won a $5 starbucks gift card from the app nexercise (I've mentioned it before) a few weeks ago and it came in the mail today.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do like the strawberries and cream frappachinos 

5) If you want to see pictures of the baby when she shows up (which I feel like may never happen) follow me on instagram or facebook.  I will post them to the blog, but it's so much easier to do via a computer and I might not be able to be on for a little while after she is born. I guess it depends on how anxious you are. Links to my pages are on the right sidebar. \

6) This week had a sad moment.  My mom's stepdad passed away.  They (my grandma and him) had been married longer than my parents (30+ years), and he was the only grandpa I knew on that side.  But he had a lot of health issues so I really didn't know him super well.  His death wasn't a surprise since he had been home on hospice since late summer, but it still stinks.  He was a nice guy, and I hate this for my grandma and all his kids and stepkids.  They are having a family get together in a week, but I'm going to miss it.  Since it's a week away baby should be here by that point and I won't feel comfortable bringing her to a group gathering.

7) That is the reason I will be missing my niece's first birthday party next week.  I'm not okay bringing her around all those people.  Especially during the start of flu season.  But don't worry sweet Libby.  I do have a gift for you! :)

I can't believe she is turning one this week.  Such a sweet little girl.   She also shares a birthday with my best friend.  Happy Birthday to Elisabeth (Libby) and Christina!  At the rate this baby is going she might also share a birthday.  Cousins exactly a year apart?  That could be fun right?  Although I hope both little girls can have their own special day too. 

8) My cousin is getting married today.  I think I just might make it to the wedding after all, but if not I just want to say congrats to Jessica and Thomas! 

9)  I know babies come when they are ready and I know 41 weeks 1 day is average for first time moms, but I'm starting to feel really frustrated and discouraged at this point.  I feel like I'm being silly, because I'm only 4 days over, but I want to cry and it's starting to make me feel depressed.

If I'm still pregnant, which I probably will be at my appointment on Monday I'm thinking I might be ready to talk about a induction later in that week.  A few days ago I would have said no way, but I might be ready now.  I'm worried about how big she might get, and by the time she is born it will be past 41 weeks so I don't feel like it would be to early.  I guess it's up to the doctor to make the best decision for us. 



  1. That storage thing you won is awesome! And I think it is perfectly OK to be discouraged about being overdue! It is so frustrating! Lucy was born at 40 weeks, 5 days. I wanted to rip my hair out by that time. I was induced with her, though, and it was a great experience. Although I intended to get an epidural from the beginning. I've heard inductions are harder if you're planning on going natural. Either way, I hope she comes quickly!!

    1. I think that part of my frustration is from the fact that while I'm not anti-epidural, I wanted to give it a good attempt at a med-free birth. If I am induced I know it will be harder to go for that goal.

      But I do feel like I'm always hearing the horror stories about inductions so to know you had a good one makes me feel a little better about the possibility.