Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 10/18

1) Since I haven't had the time to enter contests I haven't won anything in several weeks. And even if I had the time I haven't had any desire to do anything, but snuggle sweet baby girl.  I have gotten a few prizes in the mail that I had won before Eleanor was born though.

I got the chicco travel system, a veggie tales DVD, a lorax DVD, $75 in visa debit cards, a multi-drawer storage unit & coupons for food products

2) Pain wise, I'm doing much better this week than a week ago.  Last weekend was really rough, but I don't take my pain meds very often now.  I use my belly binder almost 24/7, usually only taking it off to shower or for a few minutes rest.  I only am nervous that now that I'm feeling better I'm going to overdue it and not realize it until it's to late. 

3) My county has a program where they offer a one time home nurse visit shortly after giving birth.  I don't know if it's just for first time moms or all moms. I took advantage of the program this week. It was such a good visit though.  The nurse came and chatted about how I was doing, asking questions about if I had support and how I was coping.  She weighed Eleanor, and answered questions I had about breastfeeding and went over a bunch of resources available to us.  She even checked my incision and said it looked good.  Eleanor got a book and a sleep sack.  It was a fantastic program and I hope they are able to continue it.

4) I know this is a bit lame, but after much begging, we finally got a chest freezer.  I'm super happy about it, and am excited to be able to stock up when I see sales and to be able to start pumping and storing breast milk.  Apparently I offended Rob though because I made a comment about how when he wants something (like a new crossbow) he gets it, but a practical need like a freezer takes way to long.

5) My best friend was in town this week to visit baby girl.  She was over almost everyday and Eleanor got so many good snuggles in.  I still got nothing done, even though I could have since she was busy being loved on.

6) I went to the grocery store last night to get milk.  I went by myself and even though I was only gone a short time I missed her.  It was the first time I left her, and it was just kind of strange not having her with me. It was also the first time I'd driven in a few weeks, and even that was a little odd.   

Other than that quick trip to the grocery store, and the two trips to the pediatricians, I haven't left the house.  I still have a weight lifting restriction (only can lift her for the first two weeks) so I can't lift her and her car seat.  It's a little difficult to put her in and out of the car seat if I were to leave it in there, so we've just stayed at home.  I do have a few appointments next week so we are going to have to get out of the house. 

7) I've mentioned this before but I love how good Rob is with her.  He actually slept in our room last night, and she was making a little noise this morning around 7 am.  I had just fed and changed her so I wasn't to worried about her, but he got up out of bed, got her and hung out in the living room so I could get some more sleep. He's a great dad. 

8) And as always, here are some pictures of my sweet girl. 

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  1. So thankful I was able to come in for the week and meet that sweet girl! Thanks for letting me hang out with you girls everyday. <3 you both!