Monday, October 14, 2013

Week One Update

My baby is already a week old.  

The last few weeks of pregnancy dragged on, so I'm not liking how time has seemed to sped up and a week has already gone by since Eleanor was born.

We could have stayed in the hospital until Thursday, but my ob said we could leave that day when he checked on us on Wednesday morning and I was ready. We'd been there since Sunday morning.  We did hang out there that day, and waited until after I had ordered supper to leave.  We got home about 7:30pm
First car ride

Funny thing is that Rob's best friend's wife was induced Wednesday for high blood pressure, and she had the baby that afternoon.  The hospital has maternity rooms on several floors, but luckily they put her in a room 2 doors down.  So we put Eleanor in her bassinet and walked over to visit baby Liam.  Liam's two older brothers were in the 9 and 10 pound ranges so it was crazy that he wound up being a pound smaller than Eleanor (side effect of the blood pressure medicine).

She loves to have her feet up in a frog like position or to have them crossed in the rock in play, and she loves snuggling, although I'm sure all babies do.  But she's also okay if she isn't being held usually, and is content in the rock n play.

She hated having her diaper changed those first few days and would just cry.  She doesn't cry as much anymore, but because she always has her little feet and legs up it's difficult to get a diaper on her at times. 

Nursing is still sometimes a struggle.  The problem is getting her latched on.  My nipples are a little more on the flat side and I've been using a shield when needed.  I probably use it half the time.

I expected it to be tough though, so I'm glad I was prepared for it.

The pain is getting a little better, especially on my lower right side.  Getting in and out of bed the first night home was torture so I started sleeping sitting up in the glider or on the couch.  I still will have this sharp horrible pain that will bring tears to my eyes, but I've been a lot better the last few days about taking my pain meds as often as possible, and I used a belly binder thing which keeps stuff nice and tight and that also helps.

I've had a few little hormonal moments.

When we came home I knew it was important to let Rob sleep at night since he is the only one working \so I didn't want him to have to get up.  But by the second night I was exhausted.  Getting up constantly hurt my stomach, and the lack of sleep was more than I could handle and I had several crying sessions that night.

The first day home Eleanor slept most of it and didn't eat much and I was worried.  Even on Friday (day 2 home) she was eating a little better, but was not having wet or dirty diapers. She was super fussy and Rob gave her gas drops later that night.  I was nursing her and heard that poop and knew it was going to be a runny mess.  A few minutes later I had her flipped on my arm burping her, and noticed the brown stain running down her leg.  First blowout at 2 am.  And then there were a few more that night.

I cried earlier that day because she wasn't pooping and then cried because she was. Those hormones are no joke.

I also don't know why I was ever worried about Rob not helping out because he is amazing with her. He does anything and everything he can.  Usually I'll feed her around 9 or 10 pm and then he'll stay up and hang out with her for a few hours or until she needs to eat again.  I get a late nap in and he get's time with her in and it is working out well for us.

I think that our first week has gone pretty well.  Caring for her is easier than recovering from the c-section.

I'm not worried about losing the weight at this point, although I did think I would have lost more by this point.  I'm down almost 10 lbs.

Since you made it this far, I'll reward you with a few pictures! If you follow me on instagram you may have seen some of them already. 

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  1. Congrats, she's so cute! I agree it's crazy how fast time is going by now that they're outside babies! I think we had the same due date and mine is a month old already!