Monday, October 21, 2013

2 weeks

I gave her a pacifier for the first time because it was middle of the night and she was screaming when I tried to change her clothes after a blowout.  She took it, and I've given it to her a few times since.

I posted about this in the weekly wrap up, but we had a nurse visit this week as part of a free program though our county.  It was nice to have questions answered, and confirmation that she is doing well.

I think that her legs are finally straightening out.  The first week and a half they would be all curled up in the rock n play, which is a good indicator of how she was in the womb, and I think she's figuring out she can finally stretch.

I swear that she giggled over the weekend.  Not just once, but four times.  And after the second time she had a smile on her face, but she has that smile a lot and it was probably just a similar sound.  Of course I think it had to be real, but I know that at less than 2 weeks it probably wasn't.

She finally lost her cord stump over the weekend.  It took almost 2 weeks, which is on the far end, but she does things on her own time, obviously so I shouldn't be surprised.  It's not that it was a problem that she had it, but we hadn't given her a bath (not even a sponge bath) because we were going to wait.  Actually I would have done a sponge bath, but not without Rob and he just wouldn't do it with me.

So she still hasn't had a bath yet, sponge or real. Maybe tonight?

I started getting night sweats this week.  I wake up soaked in sweat and have had to change my shirt on occasion.  It's like I ran a race or something. It's as gross as it sounds.

I'm still having some post-partum bleeding.  It isn't a lot and other than the first day or so has never been heavy, but I was surprised it was still happening. I knew it would still happen even with a c-section, but I guess I was surprised by how long it as happening.

I also started pumping this week.  I'm still jobless, but I'm going to start looking soon so I feel like working on getting a stash is important.   In an hour Sunday morning I pumped 10 oz after feeding her, which I was impressed with.  I will need to invest or fashion some sort of hands free pump bra though, because it was a little tedious.

Recovery keeps getting easier.  I've done the basement stairs a few times (not with her though; I'm nervous about that), and I don't take pain meds very often at all.  I am nervous though that I will wind up over doing it though because I feel 'fine.'

After coming home from the hospital my feet and legs swelled up. I had no pregnancy swelling or even in the hospital, but when it kicked in, it really did.  It lasted for 5 or 6 days.  I had only one pair of sandals that fit.

And 2 weeks later I still haven't put on anything but sweatpants and have no desire to put on jeans or anything that would be tight on my incision.  I'd go for skirts or dresses but now that its getting cold I don't want to go that route.

Eleanor with my dad and my grandma

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  1. She is just the cutest thing! And don't feel bad about her lack of bathing. Raeyn Drop didn't have a real bath until she was four weeks, and we only gave her one sponge bath before that. I was scared she'd freak out or I'd screw up!

    1. Your little one is pretty adorable too!

      I was to nervous to bathe her own my own. A squirmy slippery newborn intimidates me and Rob actually was the one who did the work. Luckily she doesn't need baths very often.