Monday, October 28, 2013

Three week update


This last week was a big week of firsts for her.

She's growing quickly.  Last Tuesday she was 8lbs 3oz and on Thursday she was 8lbs 6 oz. That's 3 oz in 2 days.  Slow down sweet girl.

She had her first bath this week, and she really liked it.  She loved the warm water and cried when she had to get out. She still has only had the one.

She also had her first bottle Sunday night. I was really kind of sad to see Rob feeding her,  because it was the on thing I could do for her that no once else could.  I know it's something she needs to learn to do, for my sanity as well as being able to leave for a few hours when that time comes.  I don't know if bottles should be an everyday thing (one a day), or just occasionally.

She cried at first trying to figure it out, but then she chugged 2 oz in just a few minutes.
I used this for her first bottle. (Medela Calma )  I actually won it (of course!) earlier this summer.

She's been a lot fussier lately, and I've had a few moments where I couldn't wait for Rob to get home. There may have been tears from both of us on at least one occasion.

I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but I discovered last week she likes being in the stroller.  Actually our car seat clips into a frame, and I love it. (We have this: Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame )   It handles really nicely and turns nicely which is a plus because it's to cold to be outside and so I walk up and down the hall, and turn around in her bedroom.  Our house is small but I make it work to keep her happy.

Even though it really is getting cold I decided we both needed fresh air, and we took a half a mile walk around the neighborhood for the first time. I bundled her up really well (I know that bulky layers are a no no in the car seats, and when we are actually in the car I don't do that, but for a walk I figured it was okay if the straps were a little looser) and she was fine.  She was fussy and I had hoped the walk would help and it did.  She slept the entire time (which was really only like 10 minutes).   

I was a little chilly (my coat wouldn't zip, I had better loose a few more pounds or I'm going to need a new one), but the fresh air was nice.  I hadn't really gotten more than a minute here and there (from getting in and out of the car) since before she was born.

I'm always nervous to put her in the carseat because I'm worried it's going to be to loose, or if it's to tight it will choke her and she'll stop breathing when we are in the car and I won't be able to tell.  I'm pretty sure that's irrational.

She also went to church for the first time yesterday.  We kept her with us and sat in the back and she did okay.  I got up once to change her diaper, but other than that she was pretty quiet.

I hadn't taken pain meds in almost a week, but Friday night I needed to for breast pain.

I had issues with engorgement on Thursday for the first time.  Oh that really hurt. And I also had a leaky boob for the second time.  That was fun.  Luckily it was as I was leaving the store.  It was still an hour before I got home and since Eleanor was still sleeping I pumped the leaky boob.  I got 5oz in under 30 minutes.  I don't pump much, but that was the fastest I've ever gotten that much in.

Friday I'm pretty sure I developed a clogged or blocked milk duct.  I didn't pump that morning because sweet girl was fussy and even though I tried later it was useless. I think I got an ounce out.  I was in a lot of pain.  I couldn't even hold her because it hurt.  I took a long hot shower, held a wet hot towel onto the breast, used a heating pad, and even took a pain med.  Nursing her didn't help, and it was really bad.

I've only worn the binder for a few hours since Friday.  I think it helped because sometimes I feel like it does smush my boob a little and that might have helped with the milk duct issue.  It didn't hurt as bad as I thought to be without it at the beginning but after a few days I need it back I think.

My stomach area is still tender and walking without it kind of hurts.  My belly area is really soft and everything jiggles without it.

Rob told me no more skipping a pump session.  I only pump once a day, but when I'm home alone and she's fussy, what am I supposed to do?  It's a little hard to pump when you have to hold it to your breast, and then take care of a mad angry little person (even if she is cute)

My stomach has shrunk a ton.  I wore maternity jeans twice this weekend, but other than that I've only worn sweatpants since she was born.  I have been wearing a few of my non maternity tops though.

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  1. I enjoy seeing your pictures of your little one. I am friends on Facebook with Christina and that is how I can view them. I just thought I would offer some motherly advice since I have been there and done that. If your breast was red also and you had a fever it could be "mastitis". I had it with Riley and was miserable. If it is "mastitis", you need an antibiotic. My opinion on the bottle is give one/day so she is used to it. I had 2 boys that wouldn't take the bottle because I didn't give daily. Poor Keith when I went to work! Thought maybe this would help.