Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Save Up Rocks!

Okay so saveup is this website I started using a year or so ago.  You link you bank accounts and loan accounts and when you deposit money or pay loans you earn credits in that amount.  Example if I made a deposit of $200 I'd get 200 credits.  Make sense?

So the website is free to use.  You use those credits to play for prizes.  Prizes include vacations, cars, gift cards etc...

Last May I won an ipad3.  I'd only been using the site for a few minutes and could not belive it.  I kept using the site never thinking I'd win something again. 

I like the features such as the financial snapshot which tells you how much you've saved and how much debt has been paid off.

I log in just a little bit ago to use my daily plays.  I see a notification that I have won a $100 Lowes gift card. 

For people who might be nervous about linking accounts, I have never had an issue with it.  I realize that not everyone is comforable with it.

If you are though, here is a link to sign up www.saveup.com/r/mDZ   This is a referral link, but I only get 10 free plays.  If you don't use that link the site is www.saveup.com.  Either way I think it's amazing. 

I'm not paid to say this or anything.  I really just love the site that much!

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