Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I saw this posted over on Eco Baby Mama Drama and thought it was fun.  I don't participate in link ups because the ones I see are geared toward pregnancy and parenting, and while I would love to be there, I'm not yet.  Hopefully soon.  :)  This one was one I could participate in though. Yea!

Favorite Tv Shows
1) Bones
2) Psych
3) How I met your mother

1) 2 in each ear (although I never wear earrings).
2) I used to have my left cartilage but I let it close up.

Places I want to visit
1) Denver; Everyone who has ever been to Colorado raves about it.
2) Grand Canyon, just to see the beauty of it
3) Seattle.  I did a state report on Washington in ninth grade (which was 14 years ago. Yikes!) and have wanted to go ever since.

1 comment:

  1. I totally love Bones and How I Met Your Mother! We have friends in CO and would love to visit them too, I hear it is beautiful out there! Thanks for linking up so we can get to know you better!