Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Five 1/25

1)  Biggest news of the week is that I'm pregnant again! 

2) Seriously one of the nicest things happened yesterday. I was out shoveling the sidewalk and this neighbor (who I don't know) came down with his snow blower and told me to take a break. He not only did the sidewalk but also the driveway. I tried to get his attention to thank him, but he didn't hear me so I looked to see what house he went to.  I sent a thank you note over along with a $5 gift card I had to Subway. 

3) Rob has been really helpful lately.  Not just because of pregnancy, but the last month or two he has really stepped up with helping around the house.  I know I don't work full time and I try to get stuff done and cook on my off days, but sometimes I just lack motivation and energy.  He used to just go sit down after dinner and leave me to clean up everything.  Now he helps me take care of stuff.  Same with when I would be folding laundry in the living room.  He would just watch me do it.  Now he helps. 

3) We babysat our niece and nephew for a little bit last Friday.  I love watching Rob with them.  He's getting pretty comfortable around babies and it melts my heart.  I tried to get him to change the diaper but he wouldn't.  Oh but come October he WILL be changing diapers. :)

4) This week has been so cold.  At one point the windchill was -17.  At least when I checked, it may have been lower, and I wouldn't be surprised.  It's been snowing and I have no desire to leave the house. 

5) Ever since I started posting on the bump a year or two ago, I feel connected to some of the people who post on the various boards.  I've never met these ladies, never will meet them and I don't even know their real names.  But I still get excited when they get pregnant or have babies, or good things happen to them.  On the flip side I get sad and my heart breaks for them when bad/sad things happen.  With that said I'm asking for prayers for one of them.  Yesterday at 23 weeks 3 days pregnant with twins she went into labor.  They have managed to slow it down, but the outcome doesn't look good.  She needs lots of prayers so send them up if you got them.  These ladies have been an encouragement to me after my losses and even with this pregnancy so I want to return the favor. 

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