Friday, January 11, 2013

friday five 1.11.13

I'll start you off with a funny story. 
1) Rob and I were talking earlier this week about how my sister and her husband are both left handed and I was wondering if their baby would be left handed or right handed.
And he said 'wouldn't it be funny if they had a right hand baby and we had a left handed baby' (We are both right handed). So I told him our baby would be ambidextrous because it would be that awesome. Rob says 'Yeah that we be nice if I could use both hands.'And then I say this without thinking. 'Yeah that would be handy..'I paused for a moment and then started laughing. 
One other time I said man that airplane is flying. I meant that it seemed to be flying really fast. Rob just looked at me with this duh look on his face.
Those puns get me. :)

(This may be to much info about our sex life for some)
2) This week was a tougher week with trying to hit as any days during my fertile window (the few days a month where conception is possible).  Rob just didn't want to do it.  I get that saying we need to have sex for  timing purposes is not romantic, and I tried to put cute lingerie on, but Rob was more into the tv than me.  It was frustrating and we fought about it. I know taking a day off is fine, but I wanted to hit as many days as possible.

3)This caused me to have a little meltdown.  I am taking vitamins and supplements; I temp every morning, I pee in cups and use opk's for a week or more every cycle.  I drink lots of water (at least 60 oz's a day) and do my best to avoid caffeine and alcohol (I still have some of either; but I try to cut back).  All I ask of Rob is one thing, and he can't/won't do it for me.  

4) And speaking of ovulation.  I was so sure that I ovulated on day 19 (today is day 21) and when I put in my temps yesterday it gave me crosshairs on day 17.  I really wasn't sure how that is possible.  My temps agreed with it, however the fact that I got a positive opk the day AFTER I ovulated it what confused me. 
Anyway, after this mornings temp, it adjusted it to cd 18 which is more reasonable.  Our timing was still good.  If it adjusts again though our timing won't be.  So I really hope it stays where it is.

5) Our outdoor Christmas lights are still up.  They were on a timer which Rob turned off last night.  It was time.  We were the only people with them still on.  We became 'those' people. They will come down this weekend. It's supposed to be pretty warm, like 50 degrees warm.  Yeah! I am not a fan of winter. I hate driving in it & having to clean off my car.

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